Riptide Centennial Pioneer

Overview +

Robert Nelson conducted a project digitizing the Riptide Newspaper’s Centennial Pioneer Edition from 1950.  The total output consisted of about 50 Riptide pages and 625 biographical sketches.  The author(s) was not identified, however there has been the suggestion that it may have been Tom McHugh.

The files marked (CE) refer to the Riptides “Centennial Edition” dated October 1950.  The Riptide also ran additional articles from October 26, 1950 to January 4, 1951 under the heading of “County Pioneer Legion” (CPL) and those are only referenced by date.

a Riptide XL Index (.xls)
CE1 (.pdf)
CE2 (.pdf)
CE3 (.pdf)
CE4 (.pdf)
CE5 (.pdf)
CE6 (.pdf)
CE7 (.pdf)
CE8 (.pdf)
CE9 (.pdf)
CE10 (.pdf)
CE11 (.pdf)
CE12 (.pdf)
CE13 (.pdf)
CE14 (.pdf)
CE15 (.pdf)
CE16 (.pdf)
CE17 (.pdf)
CE18 (.pdf)
CE19 (.pdf)
CE20 (.pdf)
CE21 (.pdf)
CE22 (.pdf)
CE23 (.pdf)
CE24 (.pdf)
CE25 (.pdf)
CE26 (.pdf)
CE27 (.pdf)
CE28 (.pdf)
CE29 (.pdf)
CE30 (.pdf)
CE31 (.pdf)
CE32 (.pdf)
CE33 (.pdf)
CE34 (.pdf)
CE35 (.pdf)
CE36 (.pdf)
CE37 (.pdf)
CE38 (.pdf)
CE39 (.pdf)
CE40 (.pdf)
CE41 (.pdf)
CE42 (.pdf)
CE43 (.pdf)
CPL1 1950_10_26 (.pdf)
CPL2 1950_10_26 (.pdf)
CPL3 1950_11_02 (.pdf)
CPL4 1950_11_02 (.pdf)
CPL5 1950_11_09 (.pdf)
CPL6 1950_11_09 (.pdf)
CPL7 1950_11_16 (.pdf)
CPL8 1950_11_16 (.pdf)
CPL9 1950_11_23 (.pdf)
CPL10 1950_11_23 (.pdf)
CPL11 1950_11_30 (.pdf)
CPL12 1950_12_07 (.pdf)
CPL13 1950_12_14 (.pdf)
CPL14 1950_12_14 (.pdf)
CPL15 1951_01_04 (.pdf)