Guide to the Twenty-Thirtian Magazine Collection (1927 – 1947)

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This collection was likely assembled by Donald Younger, President of Twenty-Thirtian club No.48, the Santa Cruz branch whose name and occasionally his address appears on the magazine covers.


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Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History, Archives
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This collection consists of approx. fifty (50) copies of the Twenty-Thirtian Magazine dating from 1927-1933 and two of the same issue from 1947. The magazines include articles on conventions, club meetings, and activities and events hosted by various branches of the club, election of club officers, and meeting times and locations for all sixty-three branches of the club. This collection includes several issues of interest including an August 1928 issue on a convention in Hollywood, Aug. 1930 issue on a convention in San Jose described as one of the “best issues” by the club as noted in a later issue, an April 1930 issue promoting the attractions of Santa Cruz, and 1933 and 1949 issues highlighting the Club Conventions held in Santa Cruz, CA. This collection likely belonged to Donald Younger, President of Twenty—Thirtian Club No.48 of Santa Cruz, CA from the mid 1920’s-early 1930’s. For more information about the club and its formation-see the notes on the club posted under “History” on the webpage for this collection. Date range for this collection: 1927-1947


The Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History, Santa Cruz, CA

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The Twenty-Thirtian was the monthly publication of the 20-30 International Club, a service organization designed to engage young men in their communities. The 20-30 International Club was created in Sacramento in 1922 by ambitious young men who felt excluded from existing service clubs that were dominated by older men. In 1960, the 20-30 International Club merged with the Active International Club, a virtually identical group, to form the Active 20-30 International Club. The publication continued under the name Active Twenty-Thirtian. The 1933 and 1949 annual 20-30 conventions were held in Santa Cruz and these convention editions feature images of Santa Cruz on the covers, as well as local advertisements and visitor information. Other editions contain articles about club activities and events, convention notes, meetings minutes, advertisements, editorials, and feature articles encouraging and extolling the value of service.

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One (1) Box, Approx. fifty (50) magazines

Series Scope and Content Summary:

This series consists of approx. fifty (50) issues of the magazine The Twenty-Thirtian, a magazine published by the Twenty-Thirtian Club. Inside the issues are columns on upcoming meetings, conclaves, and conventions held by various Twenty-Thirtian Club branches. Other columns include news on club members and club activities such as “Napa to Participate in Civic Work”; “Tulare is Host at Ladies Night Banquet” and “Reno to Assist in Developing Playground”. Other content in the magazines include a full list of upcoming club meetings—their location, secretaries of the clubs, and time for all sixty-three branches of the clubs from Sacramento, CA to Las Vegas, Nevada; mentions of the election of new club officers for various club branches; and commendations for past club officers such as Donald Younger, President of Santa Cruz Club No. 48. Of particular interest is Vol. 4 No. 7, the April 1930 issue of the magazine which features Pasatiempo Golf Course in Santa Cruz, CA on the cover, and includes columns focusing on the city of Santa Cruz hosting the first Trustees Meeting (known as a Conclave) since the clubs convention in Hollywood, in August of 1928. The issue features a column entitled “Santa Cruz Invites You” by Tom McHugh which includes photos of the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and “The Giant” tree at Santa Cruz Big Tree Grove; the article mentions club preparations for the conclave and the attractions available in Santa Cruz. Also in this issue is a two-page spread featuring photos and information on the entertainment offered by Santa Cruz such as the Natatorium and beaches near the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, and tennis and golfing at Casa del Rey and Pasatiempo Golf Course. Other mentions of Santa Cruz and their club activities can be found in other issues of the magazine such as the 1928, 1929, and later and earlier volumes of the year 1930. The May 1930 issue (vol.4. no.8) includes three and one-half pages detailing the events that occurred at the Santa Cruz Conclave and two approx. 4×7” photos of the Welcoming Luncheon and dance held at the Palomar Hotel. There are two copies of some issues, including the April 1930 issue focusing on Santa Cruz. The 1933 and 1949 editions of the magazine also feature spreads on Santa Cruz, since conventions were held in those years. These magazines are in good condition, which only some slight yellowing on the edges and/or creases. Date range: 1927-1949