Guide to the Twenty-Thirtian Magazine Collection (1927 – 1947) – History

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The Twenty-Thirtian was the monthly publication of the 20-30 International Club, a service organization designed to engage young men in their communities. The 20-30 International Club was created in Sacramento in 1922 by ambitious young men who felt excluded from existing service clubs that were dominated by older men. In 1960, the 20-30 International Club merged with the Active International Club, a virtually identical group, to form the Active 20-30 International Club. The publication continued under the name Active Twenty-Thirtian. The 1933 and 1949 annual 20-30 conventions were held in Santa Cruz and these convention editions feature images of Santa Cruz on the covers, as well as local advertisements and visitor information. Other editions contain articles about club activities and events, convention notes, meetings minutes, advertisements, editorials, and feature articles encouraging and extolling the value of service.