Santa Cruz Historical Society News & Notes

Overview +

The Santa Cruz Historical Society was founded in 1954. The society was an all-volunteer, membership organization for the thirty-two years of its existence. At the outset, they published NEWS AND NOTES, a four-to-six-page newsletter that reported society activities and for many years included brief historical articles written by members. NEWS AND NOTES were issued from 1954 to 1977. From 1978 through 1986, unnumbered newsletters were issued but did not contain historical articles. The Santa Cruz Historical Society went out of existence in December 1986, when it merged with other historical groups under the new organization’s name, Santa Cruz County Historical Trust, a forerunner of today’s Museum of Art & History. (excerpted from “The Santa Cruz Historical Society: A Guide to Its News and Notes” by Judith Steen, 2007)

Access issues from 1954 through 1977 here. Courtesy of the San Lorenzo Valley Museum