Guide to the Register Pajaronian

Overview +

The Register-Pajaronian is a newspaper based in Watsonville, California.  The newspaper’s roots trace back to 1868 when the Pajaronian was first published by J.A. Cottle. In 1894, a competing weekly newspaper owned by George W. Peckham began publishing daily and changed its name to the Register. In 1919, the Register was purchased by future Watsonville mayor Fred W. Atkinson, who then purchased the Pajaronian in 1930. After his death the two papers were purchased by the Scripps syndicate and consolidated into the Register-Pajaronian in 1940.

A project was started in 2002 and completed by Stanley Stevens in 2008 to index the 1890 Register-Pajaronian.  The following pdf files are the result of that index project:

Introduction to Pajaronian 1890#1C94 (.pdf)
Pajaronian Index 1890 All-in-One A-Z#C0AB (.pdf)
A (.pdf)
B (.pdf)
C (.pdf)
D (.pdf)
E (.pdf)
F (.pdf)
G (.pdf)
H (.pdf)
I-J-K (.pdf)
L (.pdf)
M (.pdf)
N-O (.pdf)
P-Q (.pdf)
R (.pdf)
S (.pdf)
T (.pdf)
U-V (.pdf)
W (.pdf)
X-Y-Z (.pdf)