Guide to the Larry and Mary Joslin, 20-30 Club Collection (1930s to 1970s)

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This collection was assembled by Lawrence “Larry” E. Joslin and Mary Joslin. Some of the items in this collection are from Mary Joslin’s scrapbook. The items were donated by Mr. and Mrs. Aldo Bussi of Scotts Valley, relatives of Mary Joslin.


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Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History, Archives
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This collection consists of memorabilia pertaining to the 20-30 Club of Santa Cruz, CA gathered by Larry Joslin in the 1930’s and ‘40s, whom was 20-30 Club District Governor in 1941 and President of the Santa Cruz District in 1938 (S.C. Sentinel 7/1938). Items in the collection include newspaper clippings about Larry or other members of the club and club events, advertisements for United Cigar agency, 20-30 club convention programs, 20-30 Club Santa Cruz district bulletins (a type of magazine featuring club meeting minutes, activities and upcoming events) and more. Other items include photos of 20-30 club members, and a 14×13” scrapbook belonging to Larry Joslin containing approx. six pages of photos possibly of 20-30 club members at meetings and holidays, newspaper clippings about club events, family friends, and/ or club members. Newspaper clippings in this collection also were gathered by Mary Joslin, Larry Joslin’s wife and include clippings from the 1950’s-1970’s about 20-30 club members, relatives, and friends’ wedding announcements. Date range: 1930s-1970s


The Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History, Santa Cruz, CA

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The Larry and Mary Joslin, 20-30 Club Collection, The Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History, Santa Cruz, CA

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Lawrence (also spelled Laurence) “Larry” E. Joslin (1912-1990) was born in Michigan.  He moved to California and had a home at the top of Granite Creek Road in Scotts valley.  He helped run United Cigar Agency along with his brother Charles “Chas” Joslin who became proprietor in 1925. The business was located on 36 Pacific Ave. and was popular in the 1920’s-mid 1930’s. The store sold newspapers, magazines, tobacco, and fishing gear.  In 1940, Larry Joslin ran for election to the Democratic Central Committee of the Branciforte District. Larry was also a member of the Santa Cruz District of the 20-30 Clubs; club memorabilia such as club publications and programs are part of this collection. In 1938. Larry was elected President of the Santa Cruz 20-30 Club and served a six-month term (S.C. Sentinel 7/7/1938). He also held the office of Deputy Governor of the 20-30 Clubs in 1941 and held the office for an entire year, presiding over the club districts of San Jose, Watsonville, Hollister, Salinas and Santa Cruz (S.C. Sentinel 7/30/1941). As well as holding various club positions Larry also managed some of the 20-30 club softball teams and captained the 20-30 Club Bowling League “The Comets” (S.C. Sentinel 5/24/1939 & 4/20/1937).    In addition to co-owning the United Cigar Agency, Larry helped distribute magazines for the United News Agency (S.C. Sentinel 7/30/1941). Larry Joslin was married to Mary Bussi Joslin, a native resident of South Carolina and later resident of Scotts Valley. Mary was a member of Granite Creek Church and established a library there as well as teaching Sunday school. Larry Joslin passed away in 1990, and Mary passed away in 1997. She was survived by her brother John Bussi of the Italian and Italian-American family the Bussi family of Scotts Valley and Italy (S.C. Sentinel 6/24/1997). Some of Mary Joslin’s newspaper clippings are part of the Larry and Mary Joslin 20-30 Cub Collection which were donated by her relatives Mr. and Mrs. Aldo Bussi of Scotts Valley.



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Twenty-five (25) Items

Series Scope and Content Summary:

This series consists of approx. twenty-five (25) newspaper clippings taken primarily from the Santa Cruz Sentinel during the 1940’s-mid 1970’s. Other items in this Series include election propaganda, and cards. Some items include: two (2) election promotion cards reading “Elect Walter R. Betencourt and Lawrence E. Joslin to the Democratic Central Committee”; United Cigar Agency advertisement from about 1947; Christmas card from the Pennimans; 1989 S.C. Sentinel article “Warren Penniman Sr.”; 1936 advert. For Santa Cruz 20-30 Club “When Men Marry” performance; wedding announcements for Ernest Kinzil (1961), Duane Watters (1958), Gary Masamori (1977), Mr. and Mrs. John Knoll (1956); 1958 S.C. Sentinel article “Municipal Judge Treats Each Case Individually”; “2 Santa Cruzans Die in Plane Crash” (S.C. Sentinel 1947); “Santa Cruz Celebrates its 167th Birthday” and more. Date range: 1936-1970

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Three (3) photos

Series Scope and Content Summary:

This series consists of three (3) approx. 4×3” and 3×2” black and white and sepia tone photos. These photos include: 4×3” photo with caption “Glen Dakan in the 30’s”and another with caption on reverse “Bill McCauley in the 30’s”; 3×2” sepia tone photo of man with accordion identified as Dave Ferrarri of the 20-30 club on an election card for District Governor included elsewhere in this collection. These photos are in good condition and are located in a small approx. 5×5” folder inside of Folder 1, Series I. Date range: 1930s

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Thirty-six ( 36) Items

Series Scope and Content Summary:

This series consists of approx. thirty-six (36) items pertaining to the Santa Cruz District of the 20-30 Club. Items include District Bulletins, convention programs, newspaper clippings about 20-30, and much more. An example of items in this series include: hand-shaped invitation to “Filthy Five Finger” Ferrari 20-30 Club barbeque; 1938 issue of 20-30 Club Santa Cruz District No.48 publication “The Fog horn” Christmas edition; 1942 newspaper article “Local 20-30 Given Honor at Gathering”; card promoting election of Dave Ferrari for 20-30 Club District Governor; 1943 newspaper clipping “$1000 Netted by 20-30 Club Dance Brings Red Cross Fund Near Goal”; Initiatory Address statement granting new membership to the 20-30 Club; Program for Central California District Convention of 20-30 Clubs at Santa Cruz June 1938; Itinerary for Stockton 20-30 District Convention; Statement from the Palomar Garage 1938; Lawrence Joslin’s 20-30 Club Membership Card for Santa Cruz # 48; 1941 Christmas issue of Twenty Thirty Central Californian District Bulletin; letter to 20-30 Club President about the dangers of gambling from “ desperate wife” and much more. Date range: 1938-1942

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SERIES IV. SCRAPBOOK (1930s – 1940s)

One (1) Scrapbook

Series Scope and Content Summary:

This series consists of one (1) approx. 14×13” scrapbook with a green cardboard cover featuring an image of a Viking ship embossed on the cover and the name “L. Joslin” in the upper right corner, and “Scrap Book” written in gold lettering in the lower left corner. This scrapbook is in fair-good condition, the front cover and binding is mostly intact yet inside some pages are loose from the binding and pages are cracking on the edges and some items are coming un-secured from the pages. Items in the scrapbook include: 8×7” black and white photo dated 1942 featuring Larry Joslin and five other men in front of a Service Man’s Ride Depot; newspaper clippings from the Santa Cruz Sentinel dating from the 1930’s-mid 1940’s such as “ Larry Joslin installed President of 20-30 Club for July-January Term (1938” and “20-30 Club’s Christmas Cheer For Many Families” (S.C. Evening Sentinel 1938); fifty (50) black and white approx. 3×5” photos of unidentified men and women skiing in the snow; 1939 wedding announcement for Warren and Irene Penniman; enlistment announcements; 4×5” Christmas card and photo from Warren and Irene Penniman; twelve (12) 2 ½” x 2” black and white photos of unknown individuals; ten (10) black and white photos of men playing golf and at meetings (possible 20-30 club members); five (4) 3×4” black and white photos of men in army uniforms; 12×5” pale orange “Shoe cleaner” cloth from the Hotel Wolf Stockton, CA; and much more. Date range: 1930’s-mid 1940’s

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