Guide to the Vivian Rostron Collection (1928-1999) – Arrangement

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The collection is organized into seven (7) series as follows:

SERIES I. Newsletters, Agendas, and Other Correspondence, 1931-1999 (Bulk 1960S – 1970S)

  • SUBSERIES I.A. Santa Cruz High School Alumni Newsletters, 1962-1990
  • SUBSERIES I.B. Miscellaneous Newsletters and Event Programs
  • SUBSERIES I.C. Vivian Rostron 1930 University Journal, Miscellaneous Notes and Poetry
  • SUBSERIES I.D. Letters for Rose Aichberg from Switzerland, 1899 And 1906

SERIES II. Financial Records (1958-1971)

  • SUBSERIES II.A. Financial Records, Rose Rostron (1962-1970)
  • SUBSERIES II.B. Financial Records, Vivian Rostron (1958-1971)

SERIES III. Family Records (1928-1973)

  • SUBSERIES III.A. Notes on Important Days, 1928-1952
  • SUBSERIES III.B. Two Notebook Journals, 1925 & 1927
  • SUBSERIES III.C. Vivian Rostron Daily Journal, 1928-1932
  • SUBSERIES III.D. Vivian Rostron Daily Journal, 1933-1937
  • SUBSERIES III.E. Vivian Rostron Daily Journal, 1938-1942
  • SUBSERIES III.F. Vivian Rostron Daily Journal, 1952
  • SUBSERIES III.G. Newsclippings, 1955-1973

SERIES IV. Ephemera and Memorabilia

SERIES V. Photographs

SERIES VI. Correspondence, 1932-1974

  • SUBSERIES VI.A. Outgoing Correspondence, 1963-1974
  • SUBSERIES VI.B. Incoming Correspondence from Phil Cardoga(?), 1973
  • SUBSERIES VI.C. Incoming Correspondence from Margaret Lhacheim(?), 1973
  • SUBSERIES VI.D. Incoming Correspondence from Kitty Delmar, 1959-1972
  • SUBSERIES VI.E. Incoming Correspondence from Jack Moxom
  • SUBSERIES VI.F. Miscellaneous Incoming Correspondence, 1932-1972


  • SUBSERIES VII.A. Various Personal Notes
  • SUBSERIES VII.B. Poems Listed As “Ideas (New) to Be Worked Out”
  • SUBSERIES VII.C. Poems Listed As “Works in Progress”
  • SUBSERIES VII.D. Poems Listed As “Poems That Didn’t Work Out”
  • SUBSERIES VII.E. Collected Poems With Note “Poems I Would Like to Have Written Myself”