Guide To The Sun Weekly Newspaper Collection (1986 – 1989) – History

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The Sun was a weekly newspaper publication founded by poet, editor, prose writer and translator Stephen Kessler in the 1980’s. The newspaper was published by Solar Powers Publishing and was available on Thursdays each week, with subjects of articles focusing on aspects of “News, Living, arts, and opinion for Santa Cruz County”, the Sun’s caption title. Contributors to the Sun included many writers who were also well known voices in various other publications such as Geoffrey Dunn, Michael S. Gant, Tim Eagan, Bob Johnson and Kessler himself. After the October 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, the Sun ceased publication, its final edition focusing on the earthquake. The Sun first appeared in September of 1986. The publication ceased running in October 1989. The collection within the MAH archives includes four (4) years of newspaper publications as well as photographs of locals and community events and activities, many which did not make it into the publication.