The Philippa Parker Pfeiffer Collection (1890’s-1970’s) – History

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Philippa Parker Pfeiffer (1902-1988) was born in Chicago to parents Virginia Parker and Charles Parker. After coming to Santa Cruz, Philippa attended Santa Cruz High School and San Jose State University and would go on earn a teaching credential in 1932. Philippa would teach in a variety of places such as in Pittsburg, Freedom, Santa Cruz, and even in Hilo, Hawaii. Philippa had many interests including music, gardening and preserving the environment, and reflected by her many efforts and membership in clubs such as the Sierra Club, particularly the Loma Prieta Chapter of the Sierra Club which helped organize. Philippa was also a member of the Wilderness Society, Nature Conservancy, California Roadside Council, and the Save-the-Redwoods League, Santa Cruz Bird Clun and the Young Women’s Christian Association among others. Philippa earned several awards and held respected positions in clubs such as member of the board of directors of the Sempervirens Fund and being appointed to serve on the Parks and Recreation Commission of Santa Cruz County where she served for seven years. Philippa also had interests in politics and history as evidenced by her participation as charter member in the American Civil Liberties Union of Santa Cruz, the Democratic Women’s Club and the Santa Cruz City Museum, the County Society for Historical Preservation, among others. Philippa was survive by son Frank Parker Higgins of Huntington Beach,her son with husband Frank L, Higgins whom she wed in 1926, and a granddaughter Teri Ann Higgins of Walnut Creek. Philippa later wed teacher Paul Henry Pfeiffer whom passed away in 1987. Philippa was not buried, rather her ashes were scattered over the Sierra Nevadas (Source: Philippa Pfeiffer Obituary, S.C. Sentinel 5/16/1988).