Guide to the Dye Family Collection (1900s – 1960s) – History

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Dr. Bruce Dye was born in Iowa where he attended and graduated from the Davenport School of Chiropractic. Eventually he moved to California. Bruce lived in Watsonville until relocating to the Monterey Bay Heights area in Soquel, CA during the 1930’s (S.C. Sentinel 8/19/1965). His brothers were William and Grover Dye who owned a barber shop in Watsonville (S.C. Sentinel 5/26/1957). In the 1940’s Dr. Bruce Dye had an office at Main Street and Soquel which looks much the same now as it did then. Bruce Dye was very active in the community; he was member and chairman of the Townsend Club of Soquel whom often convened to look at old photos and photos of travels abroad (S.C. Sentinel B.Dye Obit 8/19/1965 & 1/7/1956). He was often a guest speaker at the All Souls Unitarian Church in Soquel where he spoke of issues such as attaining liberty and happiness in life, and on topics such as “A Christian View of the Pension Program” and “The Effect of Thought (S.C. Sentinel 10.21.1960 & 6/24/1948.). In addition to speaking at the Unitarian Church on behalf of pensions, Bruce Dye was an avid supporter of laborers, pensioners and veterans, appearing on the Speaker’s Committee to assist with a Labor Day Parade representing these groups (S.C. Sentinel 7/27/1948). Two years earlier Dr. Dye was chairman for a controversial meeting in which Dr. Francis Townsend pointed out the failure of Congress to recover after World War II and to assist with the effects the war had on the financially unstable—particularly the elderly and veterans (S.C. Sentinel 10/22/1946). This meeting would lead to further involvement in the pension-advocacy movement, as Bruce served as chairman for a picnic given by leader of the pension movement, Dr. Townsend; the picnic was notable for its large turnout of 1000 pension supporters (S.C. Sentinel 7/25/1949).

In addition to his duties in the community, Bruce Dye was also an avid recreational golfer. He and his wife Charlotte Dye were members of the Monterey Golf and Country Club (S.C. Sentinel 4/14/1939). They held annual family golf tournaments and both Bruce and Charlotte won several tournaments (S.C. Sentinel 7/21/1941). Charlotte Dye was a member of the Monterey Bay Women’s Golf Club, was elected assistant-captain and won the women’s play at the women’s invitational tournament (S.C. Sentinel 10/5/1940 &11/30/1941). Bruce Dye won first prize in the Chiropractor’s Golf Tourney at the Monterey Bay golf course where fifty-five chiropractors attended (S.C. Sentinel 6/1/1941). Bruce and his wife also loved to travel, vacationing in Lake Tahoe and Colorado, and some of their travel photos may be viewed in this collection (S.C. Sentinel 8/25/1949 & 12/29/1952). Bruce Dye passed away in 1965 and was survived by his wife Charlotte Dye, brother Roy Dye of Napa, and various nieces and nephews. His funeral was held at White’s Chapel (S.C. Sentinel 8/19/1965).