Guide to the Paul Johnston Collection (1870s – 1960s) – Arrangement

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Series I:  Photographs (1870s-1960s)

Series II:  Negatives (1910s-1960s)

Series III:  Glass Plates (circa 1900)

Series IV:  35mm Slides

Series V:  Magazines (1894- 1975)

Series VI:  Newsletters, Agendas, and other Correspondence

Series VII:   Correspondence

Subseries VII.A.  Letters.

Subseries VII.B.  Example of Historic Building Register package.

Series VIII:  Ephemera

Series IX:  Family Records (1860-1970s)

Subseries IX.A.  The Fourth Reader of the School and Family Series

Subseries IX.B.  Newspaper Clippings

Subseries IX.C.  Kazimir Witwicki’s Retirement Paperwork

Subseries IX.D.  Duty Roster Cards for the Aptos Rifles

Subseries IX.E.  Drawings and Paintings

Subseries IX.F.  Paul Johnston Interview Cassette Tapes

Subseries IX.G.  Prayer Book

Series X:  Post Office Records (1900 – 1930)

Subseries X.A.  Postal Money Order Receipts (1920s)

Subseries X.B.  Postal Money Order Cash Books (1901 – 1905 & 1915 – 1919)

Subseries X.C.  Postmasters’ Account and Records Book (1901 – 1904 & 1913 – 1917)

Subseries X.D.  Letter from the National Surety Company (1917)