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Mildred Elizabeth Hawes (1886 – 1967) was born in Oakland, California. She was the daughter of Benjamin Cowell Hawes (1848 – 1906) and Elizabeth Benson (Mann) Hawes (1854 – 1920). In 1880 Mildred’s parents lived in Oakland with her mother’s aunt and her son, Edmund Sanford, who would later become a prominent psychologist and president of the American Psychological Association. Mildred had two sisters, Louise (1883 – 1905) and Harriett (1890 – 1980). In the early 1900s the family had a summer, “ranch”, home in Aptos and vacationed in the area.

In 1914 Mildred married Harris Palmer Jones (1885 – 1922), who was born in Topeka, Kansas. He was an attorney by 1917, when he signed his World War I draft registration card. In 1920 he applied, for business purposes, for a passport for himself and his family. He died in Peiking, China in 1922. His widow, Mildred, in 1923 married Elijah Howe Batty (Baty) (1853 – 1930) and they had one son. Mildred’s sister Harriett married Welborn Goulding McMurrary, who as a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army would die in 1942 in the Philippines as a POW at Camp Cabanatuan.

Harris and Mildred Jones were the parents of Benjamin Hawes Jones (1915 – 1992), Harriett Elizabeth (Jones) Munger (1917 – 1992), and Harris Palmer Jones (1921 – 1986). Benjamin became and educator and a pianist, playing in popular orchestras, such as those of Stan Kenton and Horace Heidt, as well as symphony orchestras and military bands. He also was an accompanist for numerous singers. Harriett (Jones) Munger, an accomplished artist, lived in Soquel and Scotts Valley from 1970 to 1992. Harris P. Jones, Jr. became a Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Navy in World War II.

Stuart Howe Batty (Baty) (1925 – ), the son of Elijah and Mildred (Hawes) Jones Batty (Baty), was in the U.S. Air Corps in World War II. He was later an engineer for the City of San Leandro.