Guide to the Steele Family Collection (1851 – 1971) – Arrangement

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This collection is organized into 7 series as follows:

Series I. Photographs, 1854-1971

Subseries A: Green Oaks Ranch, 1854-1971
Subseries B: Research, 1970-1971

Series II: Clippings, 1951-1979

Subseries A: Green Oaks Ranch, 1967-1979
Subseries B: Año Nuevo, 1963-1964
Subseries C: Pescadero – Williamson Store, 1951-1971

Series III: Research Correspondence, 1970-1971

Series IV: Family Research – Individual Family Members

Subseries A: Sir Richard Steele, 1859
Subseries B: John B. Steele, 1866
Subseries C: Major General Frederick Steele, 1864-1971
Subseries D: I.C. Steele, 1893-1904
Subseries E: George B. Steele, 1874-1894
Subseries F: E.W. Steele, 1883
Subseries G: Mary (Steele) Finney and Hulda Emeline Steele, 1874-1881
Subseries H: George H. Steele, 1875-1904

Series V: Genealogies and Publications, 1859-1971

Series VI: Año Nuevo Creamery Butter Wrappers, n.d

Series VII: Captain O.N. Steele’s March (sheet music), 1902