Guide to the St. George Hotel Collection (1899-1984) – Arrangement

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Series I. Hotel Registers (1899-1928)

Subseries I.A. Hotel Register, 1899-1900
Subseries I.B. Hotel Register, 1903-1904
Subseries I.C. Hotel Transfer Ledger, 1908-1909
Subseries I.D. Hotel Register, 1911
Subseries I.E. Hotel Register, 1917-1918
Subseries I.F. Hotel Register, 1918-1919
Subseries I.G. Hotel Transfer Ledger, 1926-1928

Series II. Account Books, Record Books, and Money Receipt Book (1969-1984)

Subseries II.A. Account Books (1969-1973)
Subseries II.B. Record Books (1970-1971)
Subseries II.C. Money Receipt Book (1970)
Subseries II.D. Daily Account Pages and Bank Deposit Receipts (1971-1972)
Subseries II.E. Business Receipts from Santa Cruz Hardware (circa 1971)
Subseries II.F. Room Payment Receipts (circa 1971)
Subseries II.G. Guest Receipts (1984)

Series III. Correspondence (1973)

Series IV. Ephemera

Series V. Superior Court Documents (1956-1964)