Guide to the Seascape Aptos Beach Club Collection (1970s – 1980s) – History

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The Seascape region of Aptos has a long history of tourism and use of the beach as a leisure area. In 1928 a dam was on Aptos Creek to create the world’s largest fresh water swimming pool, a bathing pavilion was also built. In 1931 Seacliff was established as a California State Beach, one of the first. By 1937 a beach club was built. Hotels started to be built in the area, and the Bayview Hotel was moved to its current location in 1946. In 1955 the State of California added Rio Del Mar Beach to the Seacliff State Beach. By 1963 the Aptos Seascape Corporation of San Diego bought King Ranch and planned to build a golf course. Seascape now has a resort, golf club, and sport club, it is a popular place for vacationers.