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Four (4) Boxes

Series Scope and Content Summary

This series contains photograph of people, places and events related to Santa Cruz history.  The photographs include people like the Whinery Family and Truella Lousie Lund (the first female police office in Santa Cruz) and places like the Boardwalk, Watsonville, Pacific Avenue, and the wharves.  There are photographs of the ‘Tree Circus’ and some related to the silent movie “The Dove.

Box ID#: Folder ID#

Box 1, Folder 1: Miscellaneous People (1)
Box 1, Folder 2: Miscellaneous People (2)
Box 1, Folder 3: Miscellaneous People (3)
Box 1, Folder 4: Miscellaneous People (4)
Box 1, Folder 5: Whinery Family
Box 1, Folder 6: Truella Lousie Lund – The first female police officer for the city of Santa Cruz from 1944 to 1948.
Box 1, Folder 7: Pacific Avenue (1)
Box 1, Folder 8: Pacific Avenue (2)
Box 2, Folder 9: Boardwalk
Box 2, Folder 10: Sperry Air Service – These appear to be related to the Silent Movie “The Dove.”
Box 2, Folder 11: Tree Circus
Box 2, Folder 12: Miscellaneous (1)
Box 2, Folder 13: Miscellaneous (2)
Box 2, Folder 14: Miscellaneous (3)
Box 2, Folder 15: Miscellaneous (4)
Box 3, Folder 16: Wharves
Box 3, Folder 17: Stereographs – Go the MAH Stereograph Finding Aid for more information on stereographs,
Box 4, Folder 18: Watsonville
Box 4, Folder 19: Boats and Submarines
Box 4, Folder 20: Houses and Buildings


One (1) Box

Series Scope and Content Summary

This series contains various ephemera related to people, places, events and organizations of Santa Cruz history.  All of this material is located in the Ephemera Locker.

        1. Saturday Afternoon Club: This folder contains Thirteen (13) items. Items include

1.A. Accession #: SCCM 4295: Year Book 19-15-16 for the Saturday Afternoon Club, name of Miss Waterman written inside. Contains a Program of events and meetings, Standing Committees, and Presidents.
1.B. Accession # :SCCM 4296 : Saturday Afternoon Club Booklet 1924-25
1.C. Accession #: SCCM 4297: Club booklet. Written inside is the name “Miss Minerva Waterman”. Contains a Retrospect, a lists of meetings, members, charter members for 1908-9.
1.D. Accession #: SCCM 4298: Club Year Book for 1909-10. Contains list of members, Department, meetings, and programmes and Raison d’Etre.
1.E. Accession #: 4299 : Constitution and By-Laws of the Saturday Afternoon Club
1.F. Accession #: 4300: Constitution and By-Laws of the Saturday Afternoon Club
1.G. Accession #: SCCM 4301: Club Booklet 1925-26 . Lists Founders, Presidents, Officers, Program of Meetings for the year and members.
1.H. Accession #: SCCM 4302: Club Year Book 1926-7. Contains Lists of Presidents, Members, Program etc.
1.I. Accession #: SCCM 4303: President’s Day, Saturday Afternoon Club, Odd Fellows Hall June 1908 Program.
1.J. Accession #: SCCM 4304: Club Year Book 1922-24. “L. Waterman” written inside. Presidents, Constitution and Program inside.
1.K. Accession #: SCCM 4305: Year Book for 1910-11. Contains membership application slips (2), lists of members, program etc.
1.L. Accession #: SCCM 4306: Club Year Book 1920-21. Contains a Program, Standing Committee lists, Constitution.
1.M. Accession #: SCCM 4307: Club Year Book 1919-20. Lists of Presidents, Standing Committees and a Program.
1.N. Accession #: SCCM 4308: Club Year Book 1921-22
1.O. Accession #: SCCM 4309: Club Book 1923-24

2. School Publications: Eleven (11) Items:

2.A. Accession #: SCCM 4250 : Official Publication P.T.A. Bulletin Volume II Santa Cruz, CA, Monday, Nov. 3, 1924. NO.2
2.B. Accession #: SCCM 4403: The Bald Mountain Cone (School Newsletter) April 1939
2.C. Accession #: SCCM 4409: Forty-first Annual Meeting California Teachers’ Association Program, Santa Cruz, December 30th 1907-Jan. 3rd 1908
2.D. Accession #: SCCM 4404: Miss Swope’s Summer School 1925 A Teacher Training Course Booklet
2.E. Accession #: SCCM 4405: Same as SCCM 4404
2.F. Accession #: SCCM 4406: California Congress of Parents-Teachers Twentieth District Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties Directory 1930-31
2.G. Accession #: Forty-first Annual Meeting California Teacher’s Association Program Santa Cruz 12/30/1907-1/3/1908
2.H. Accession #: SCCM 4408: California State Teachers’ Association Central Coast Section Annual Meeting and Joint Institute of San Benito County, San Luis Obispo, Monterey County, Santa Cruz County, October 18-20 1920
2.I. Accession #: SCCM 4386 : School Year Souvenir Booklet with Class Photo Inside. Year and School not mentioned.
2.J. Accession #: SCCM 4710 (1) : Santa Cruz High School Commencement Exercises 1/24/1929 and SCCM 4710 (2): Letter from Mrs. T.L Wilson written on Santa Cruz Evening News Article 1/25/1929 “Mid-Term Graduating Class of 41 Receive High School Diplomas; Pack Auditorium

3. Souvenirs of Places and Events: Twenty-eight (28) Items in a Folder

3.A. Accession# 4441: Alaska-Yukon Pacific Exposition, Seattle, USA booklet 6/1909-8/1909
3.B. Accession # 273: Rubbing from Angkor-Vat, Cambodia
3.C. Accession #: 4437: 1938 Dinner Menu from Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad
3.D. Accession #: 4439: 1938 Breakfast Menu from Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad
3.E. Accession #: 4438: Luncheon Menu from Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad
3.F. Accession # 1258, cat. No. 4440: Obituary for John Knutti 7/13/1922
3.G. Accession # 4442: San Diego, California City and County by John S. Mills Secretary San Diego Chamber of Commerce
3.H. Accession # 4443: New Years Greetings Base Hospital 51 Justice Hospital Group A.E.F. Booklet 1/1/1919
3.I. Accession # 4444: Souvenir of Long Beach Booklet compliments of Townsend-Robinson Investment Co. Long Beach, Cal.
3.J. Accession # 4445: Yosemite National Park Information Booklet, 1919
3.K. Accession # 4446: The Exposition in Retrospect A Volume of Opinions of the Leading Minds of America on the Value of the 1915 Celebration at San Francisco Brochure
3.L. Accession # 4447: Paris Monumental Metropolitan Booklet with lists of Museums and Monuments and a Paris Metropolitan fold-out map
3.M. Accession # 4521: Souvenir Fresno County Fair, Fresno 1912 Card with “California” in red glitter
3.N. Accession # 4720 (Thirteen items) in Garden of the Sun, Palm Springs, CA letter with “Mrs. Wilson” written on it. Envelope contains nine business cards : The Flower Shop, Casa de Brea, Oakland Trailer Exchange, Cabins, McKinney’s Trailer Park, Blair and Co. Incorporated, Williams Boat House, M. Mond Tailor, Sunhaven Court. One (1) Garden of the Sun Price List 1948 with letter on reverse to Mrs. Wilson from Laura Carey. One (1) Pacheteau’s Orignal Calistoga Hot Springs booklet, one (1) Deglet Noor Dates Garden of the Sun card.
3.O. Un-catalogued photo found in collections 1985: “After the Feast, Melon Day” Rocky Ford, Colo. With History of Watermelon Day by Paul E. Kennedy on reverse.
3.P. Un-catalogued Souvenir found with Littlefield crochet patterns 1997: Midwinter Fair Souvenir ticket for Marceau Fotografer, San Francisco. $20 gift.

4. Songs and Poems: Four (4) Items in a Folder

4.A. Accession # SCCM 4647: Poem “Charmed” by C.Strong, Santa Cruz, CA 1907 and photo “Old Man of the Sea” 1902, C.L. Aydelotte, Santa Cruz, Ca. Mounted on cardboard with ribbon ties.
4.B. Accession # SCCM 4249: Poem to “Barb and Emma” about Santa Cruz on lined notepaper dated 1-12-91
4. C. Accession # SCCM 4248: Song lyrics and music to “Santa Cruz” by Esther Nilsen, Agot Heistein, Elinor Hudson, c. 1965.
4.D. Accession # SCCM 4251: Song about Santa Cruz, no date, handwritten on paper and mounted on construction paper with typed transcription, unknown source. First line reads “my winsome lass/and where go ye”.

5. Tickets and Fair Publications: Fourteen (14) Items in a Folder

5.A. Accession # SCCM 4289: Official Premium List First Annual Santa Cruz County Farm Bureau Fair Booklet Oct. 1922
5.B. Accession # SCCM 4290: Santa Cruz County Farm Bureau Fair tickets. One sheet of ten (10) Admit One Adult tickets.
5.C Accession # SCCM 4291: One (1) Capitola Theatre ticket for July 4th Double Bill Performance of “The Man who Lost Himself” and :The Gray Wolf’s Ghost”.
5.D. No Accession # : Three (3) Dobbins Store raffle tickets stating “With every 25c purchase you get a chance on $50.oo Toy Auto to be give away Dec. 24th at 8 p.m.” Tickets are No. 45863, No. 45982, and No. 45988. Grocery lists and other notes are written on the reverse of each ticket.
5.E. Accession # SCCM 4292: The Agriclub News Volume II. No.2 Three (3) pages.
5.F. Accession # SCCM 4293: Five (5) PGES OF THE Home Department of Farm Bureau Tour for 4/26/1927. Give detailed schedule of events for the home department of women’s tour.
5.G. Accession # SCCM 4294: The Agriclub News Volume II No.6 Headline is “Picnic in store for Forestry Club Boys”, six (6) pages.
5.H. Accession # SCCM 4505: Santa Cruz Shrine club Second Annual Polack Bros. Shrine Circus Official Circus Magazine 1949 No.2494
5.I. Accession # SCCM 4506: Santa Cruz Shrine Club Circus Magazine, no cover and no date.
5.J. Accession # SCCM 4507: Santa Cruz Fifth Annual Shrine Club Polack Bros. Circus Official Program and Magazine Season of 1952.
5.K. Accession # SCCM 4508: Santa Cruz 6th Annual Shrine Circus Produced by Polack Bros. Souvenir Program and Magazine 1953
5.L. Accession # SCCM 4509: Shrine Circus July 1954 Souvenir Program and Magazine of the circus.
5.M. Accession # SCCM 4510: Shrine Circus 1955 Edition Souvenir Program and Magazine, July 19-20 1955
5.N. Accession # SCCM 4511: Fabulous New 1957 Edition Polack Bros. Circus 1957 Souvenir Program and Magazine.

6. Venetian Water Carnival: Five (5) Items in a Folder

6.A. Accession # SCCM 4268: Santa Cruz Venetian Water Carnival June 1895 Souvenir booklet. Contains a summary of the day’s events, names of carnival Queen and attendants.
6.B. Accession # SCCM 4267: Second Annual Santa Cruz Venetian Water Carnival Official Souvenir Program, 1896. Contains some photos inside of the Queen and her court as well as event schedule.
6.C. Accession # SCCM 4269: Souvenir Booklet Santa Cruz Venetian Water Carnival June 1985. Same content as VI.A.
6.D. Accession # SCCM 4271: Santa Cruz Venetian Water Carnival Booklet June 1895 . Contains information about Santa Cruz and the surrounding area such as Natural Bridges, and some photos.
6.E. 1895 Santa Cruz Venetian Water Carnival Booklet. Same content as 6.D.

7. Agricultural Product Labels: Thirty-eight labels in a folder

7.A. Accession # SCCM 4477: Martinelli’s Gold Medal Apple Juice from Watsonville, CA product label and advertisement on reverse.
7.B. Accession # SCCM 4478: Martinelli’s California Apple Ciders Product Promotion Brochure
7.C. Accession # SCCM 4479: Marinell’s Gold Medal Apple Juice Unfermented Juice of California Apples label
7.D. Accession # SCCM 4520: East Side Dairy Grade A Milk and Cream label or card
7.E. Accession # SCCM 4522: Appleton Produce Company Watsonville, CA label with product advertisement on reverse
7.F. Accession # SCCM 4482: Santa Cruz Fruits for Salad packed by Santa Cruz Fruit Packing Company Oakland, CA label
7.G. Accession # SCCM 4481: Exquisite Tomato Soup Santa Cruz Packing Company, Oakland, CA, label
7.H. Accession # SCCM 4480: Martinelli’s Pure Sweet Cider label “Golden Apple” Cider label
7.I. Accession # SCCM 4383: Windham Vineyards label listing Tim De pace as winemaker
7.J. Accession # SCCM 4382: Martinelli’s Extra Dry Gold Medal Naturally Sparkling Champagne Cider label
7.K. Accession # SCCM 4381: Martinelli’s Gold Medal Champagne Type Carbonated Apple Cider label
7.L. Accession # SCCM 4333: Harmony Brand Orange Raw 100% Pure Natural Honey U.S. Choice Light Amber, Harmony Foods, Santa Cruz, CA, label
7.M. Accession # SCCM 4332: Santavalley fruit label packed by the Barron-Gray Packing Co. San Jose, CA
7.N. Accession # SCCM 4331: Cupertino Brand D.Di Fiore Canning Co., San Jose Apricots label
7.O. Accession # SCCM 4326: Santa Cruz Fruit Packing Co. Seaspray Whole Apricots Product label
7.P. Accession # SCCM 4325: Santa Cruz Fruit Packing Co. Sea Rock Brand Wax Beans Short Cuts and Ends label
7.Q. Accession # SCCM 4324: Santa Cruz Fruit Packing Co. Sea Rock Brand All Green Asparagus Tips label
7.R. Accession # SCCM 4323: S.C. Fruit Packing Co. Sea Rock California Sliced Peaches
7.S. Accession # SCCM 4321: Martinelli’s Gold Medal Pure and Unfermented Apple Juice, S. Martinelli and Co. label
7.T. Accession # SCCM 4330: S.C. Fruit Packing Co. Sea Bright Brand Halved Bartlett Pears label
7.U. Accession # SCCM 4329: S.C Fruit Packing Co, California Halved Apricots product label
7.V. Accession # SCCM 4328: S.C. Fruit Packing Co. Exquisite Hearts of Artichokes product label
7.W. Accession # SCCM 4327 : S.C. Fruit Packing Co. Exquisite Combination Salad Vegetables product label
7.X. Accession # SCCM 4397: Martinelli’s Gold Medal Carbonated Apple Cider product label
7.Y. Accession # SCCM 4401: Sheehy and Cumming Golden West Brand Fancy Quality California Apples, 4 tier Newton Pippins, Watsonville, CA label
7.Z. Accession # SCCM 4402: Franich Bris, Fancy Quality F.B. Brand Pajaro Valley Apples label
7.AA. Accession # SCCM 4399: Geo. W. Sill & Co. Rose Hip Brand Fancy California Apples, Watsonville, CA, product label
7.BB. Accession # SCCM 4398: S. Martinelli’s Gold Medal Apple Cider Made from Pajaro Valley Apples label
7.CC. Accession # SCCM 4756 Four (4) Items: I. Borgovich and Dragovich Appleton Brand Apples 4 Tier Newtown Pippins label. II. Lucky Trail Brand Fancy California Apples Packed and Shipped by P.A. Scurich and Co. III. Lake View Brand Pajaro Valley Apples Packed and Shipped by Franich Bros. label. IV. Diving Girl Brand Claifornia Apples California Apples Newtown Pippins Packed and Shipped by Watsonville Apples Selling Organiszation,
7.DD. Accession # SCCM 4334: Harmony Foods, Santa Cruz, CA blank product label with rainbow border and orange, teal, yellow, and black logo with farmer sowing stars
7.EE. Accession # SCCM 4217: label with D.D. Wilder’s Creamery Santa Cruz A.W. Fink SoleAgent, S.F. in blue lettering


8.A. SCCM no CAT #: Several Items in folder:

I. Chef Luigi Red Wine Vinegar label
II. Bargetto California Tawny Port label
III. Two (2) Bargetto California Sauterne labels
IV. J.B. Brand California Port label
V. Bargetto California Peach Wine (2)
VI. Bargetto California Raspberry Wine
VII.Bargetto California Mead
VIII. Bargetto California Pear Wine (2)
IX. Bargetto CA Plum Wine
X. Bargetto CA Blackberry Wine (2)
XII. Bargetto Olalliberry Wine label
XIII. Bargetto CA Dry Muscat label
XIV. Bargetto CA Sherry
XV. Bargetto CA Chaucer’s Mead
XVI. Bargetto CA Grenache Rose (4)
XVII. Bargetto CA Chenin Blanc
XVIII. Bargetto CS Johannisberg Riesling
XVIX. Bargetto CA Sylvaner
XX. Bargetto CA Green Hungarian
XXI. Bargetto CA Flora
XXII. Bargetto CA Ruby Cabernet
XXIII. Bargetto CA Pinot Noir (2)

8.B. Accession # SCCM 4399.1 and SCCM 4399.2: Bargetto’s California Dry Muscat labels (2) of the same label
8.C. Accession # SCCM 4353.01—4353.24; 4353.241: Assorted Bargetto Wine labels. The following are Accession #’s 4353.01 through 4353.24:

I. Strawberry Wine
II. Apricot Wine
III. Apricot Wine
IV. Blackberry Wine
V. Blackberry
VI. Brambleberry
VII. Brambleberry
VIII. Cherry
IX. Cherry
X. Honey Wine
XI. Honey Wine
XII. Logan Berry
XIII. Loganberry
XIV. Olallieberry
XV. Olalliberry
XVI. Peach Wine
XVII. Peach Wine
XVIII. Pear Wine
XIX. Pear
XX. Plum
XXI. Plum
XXII. Raspberry
XXIII. Raspberry
XXIV. Strawberry
Accession # SCCM 4353.241: Bargetto Cranberry Wine Label

8.D. Accession # SCCM 4352.1 and 4352.2: Both Bargetto Strawberry wine labels with purple and green grape decoration
8.E. Accession # SCCM 4350.1 and 4350.4: Both Santa Cruz Cellars California Burgundy labels
8.F. Accession # SCCM 4350.2 and 4350.3: Both Santa Cruz Cellars California Pale Dry Sherry label
8.G. Accession # SCCM 4351.07 and 4351.06: Both Santa Cruz Cellars California Zinfandel labels
8.H. Accession # SCCM 4351.04 and 4351.05: Santa Cruz Cellars California Vin Rose labels
8.I. Accession # SCCM 4351.01: Santa Cruz Cellars California Chablis label
8.J. SCCM No CAT: Various Santa Cruz Cellars and Bargetto labels. Santa Cruz Cellars California, Chablis (2), California Claret (2), Chainti, Burgandy (2), Zinfandel (2), Cribari Quality Reserve California Gold Angelica Altar Wine (2), Bargetto 1974 Pinot Blanc, Bargetto 1974 Johannisberg Riesling, Bargetto 1974 Sylvaner, Bargetto Barbera, Bargetto Vin Rose Dolce, Bargetto Zinfandel Rose, Bargetto Chablis, Bargetto Burgundy, Bargetto Chenin Blanc, Bargetto 1974 French Colombard, Bargetto Pinot Blanc, Bargetto 1974 Dry Chenin Blanc, Bargetto Moscato Amabile, Bargetto Grenache, Bargetto Zinfandel
8.K. Accession # SCCM 4347.6—4347.8: Bargetto’s Winemaster’s Bouquet California Zinfandel (3)
8.L Accession # SCCM 4347.1—4347.5: Five (5) Bargetto Winemaster’s Bouquet California Claret labels
8.M. Accession # SCCM 4348.1—4348.2: Bargetto’s Winemaster’s Bouquet Reserve California Sherry (2)
8.N. Accession # SCCM 4348.3—4348.4: Bargetto’s Winemaster’s Bouquet Reserve California Rhine Wine (2)
8.O. Accession # SCCM 4349.3—4349.4: Bargetto’s J.B. Brand California Burgundy labels (2)
8.P. Accession # SCCM 4349.1—4349.2: Bargetto’s J.B. Brand California White Port
8.Q. Accession # SCCM 4345.01—4345.09: Various Bargetto labels

4345.01: California Moscato D’Oro
4345.02: Bargetto Chaucer’s Mead
4345.03: Bargetto Chaucer’s Mead
4345.04: California Pale Dry Sherry
4345.05: California Pale Dry Sherry
4345.06: California Cream Sherry
4345.07: California Cream Sherry
4345.08: California Tawny Port
4345.09: California Tawny Port

8.R. Accession # SCCM 4346.01—4346.29: Bargetto labels (various)

4346.01: 1974 Sylvaner
4346.02: 1974 Sylvaner
4346.03: Pinot Blanc
4346.04: Pinot Blanc
4346.05: Moscato Ambile
4346.06: Moscato Ambile
4346.07: Johannisberg Riesling
4346.08: Johannisberg Riesling
4346.09: 1973 California Grenache
4346.10: 1973 California Grenache
4346.11: 1974 California French Colombard
4346.12: 1974 California French Colombard
4346.13: CA Dry Muscat
4346.14: CA Dry Muscat
4346.15: 1974 Dry Chenin Blanc
4346.16: 1974 Dry Chenin Blanc
4346.17: Chenin Blanc
4346.18: Chenin Blanc
4346.19: CA Chardonnay
4346.20: CA Chardonnay
4346.21: CA Chablis
4346.22: CA Chablis
4346.23: CA Burgundy
4346.24: CA Burgundy
4346.25: Vin Rose Dolce
4346.26: Vin Rose Dolce
4346.27: CA Zinfandel
4346.28: One (1) CA Zinfandel label and One (1) CA Barbera label
4346.29: CA Barbera label

8.S. Accession # SCCM 4344.01—4344.25: Various Bargetto labels colored green, ink, tan, brown with gold edges

4344.01: CA Pinot Noir
4344.02: CA Pinot Noir
4344.03: CA Pinot Chardonnay
4344.04: CA Pinot Chardonnay
4344.05: CA Vin Rose Dolce
4344.06: CA Vin Rose Dolce
4344.07: CA Zinfandel Rose
4344.08: CA Zinfandel
4344.09: CA Zinfandel
4344.10: CA Burgundy
4344.11: CA Burgundy
4344.12: CA Barbera
4344.13: CA Barbera
4344.14: CA Chablis
4344.15: CA Chablis
4344.16: CA Flora
4344.17: CA Flora
4344.18: CA Dry Muscat
4344.19: CA Dry Muscat
4344.20: CA Chianti
4344.21: CA Chianti
4344.22: CA Chenin Blanc
4344.23: CA Chenin Blanc
4344.24: CA Moscato D’Oro
4344.25: CA Zinfandel Rose

8.T. Accession # SCCM 4341.1, 4341.2, 4342.1, 4342.2, 4343.1, 4343.2:

4341.1: Grenache Rose
4341.2: Grenache Rose
4343.1: Muscatel
4342.1: CA Cocktail Pale Dry Sherry
4342.2: CA Cocktail Pale Dry Sherry
4343.2: Muscatel

8.U. Accession # SCCM 4340.1—4340.8: Bargetto labels with grape border, vineyard

4340.1: CA Malvasia
4340.2: CA Malvasia
4340.3: CA Malvasia
4340.4: CA Malvasia
4340.5: CA Malvasia
4340.6: CA Malvasia
4340.7: CA Zinfandel
4340.8: CA Zinfandel

8. V. Accession #SCCM 438.1—4338.9:Bargetto labels with gold border mountains, vineyard

4338.1: CA Claret bottled by John Bargetto label
4338.2: CA Claret bottled by John Bargetto label
4338.3: CA Zinfandel bottled by John Bargetto label
4338.4: CA Zinfandel bottled by John Bargetto label
4338.5: CA Zinfandel bottled by John Bargetto label
4338.6: CA Zinfandel bottled by John Bargetto label
4338.7: CA Zinfandel bottled by John Bargetto label
4338.8: same as above
4338.9: same as above (2)

8.W. Accession #SCCM 4336: Bargetto Riesling Wine bottled by Bargetto Bros. label
8.X. Accession #SCCM 4337: same as above
8.Y. Accession #SCCM no CAT #: Bargetto’s California Burgundy label with vineyard and grape border
8.Z. Various Labels:

SCCM # 4354.1: Bargetto Dry CA Vermouth label, black and white grape border
4354.2: same as above
4355.1: Bargetto Sweet CA Vermouth, red, white, and tan label with grape border
4355.2: Same as above
4356.1: Chef Luigi Red Wine Vinegar label
4356.2: same label as above

8.AA. Accession #SCCM 4357.1—4357.3: all Bargetto CA Tawny Port labels (beige with brown border)
8.BB. SCCM no CAT #: large Bargetto California label, beige with two logos side-by-sides

9. Business Guides and Cards:

9.A. Accession #SCCM 4247: A Building and Business Review of Santa Cruz County for the Year 1883 with name Mrs. C.L. Lucking
9.B. Accession #SCCM 4096: Business Listing Book for Santa Cruz and Vicinity
9.C. Accession #SCCM 4246: Santa Cruz Industrial Directory Brochure
9.D. Accession #SCCM 4713: 7 Items
IX. SCCM 4713 (1) J.A. P. Jackson Flower’s and Potted Plants business card
4713 (2) Pettit’s Nursery, Soquel Ave. Business Card and
4713 (3) County First National Bank business card
4713 (4) Sanitarium Treatment Rooms “Remain and Retain Health by the Internal Bath Method” business card
4713 (5) Niagara Fire Insurance Co. of New York Business Card
4713 (6) India Tires J. O’Fallon Smith business card
4713 (7) Pineola Soap Works Miracles Pineola Manufacturing Co. product promotion brochure

10. Calendars:

10.A. California Wild Flowers 1903 Calendar Accession #’s SCCM 4451.1—4451.6
4451.1: yellow pansies California Wild Flowers calendar cover 1903
4451.2: violets May/June calendar page
4451.3: March/April Mariposa lily page
4451.4: July/August buttercups page
4451.5: wild iris September/October page
4451.6: November/December CA poppy page

11. Checks, Receipts and Stock Certificates:

11.A. SCCM 4279: San Francisco, CA promissory note for loan, made by Standard Office Supplies co.
11.B. SCCM 4280: Father Divine Peace Restaurant receipt
11.C. SCCM 4278: 1904 receipt from Office of Tax Collector of Santa Cruz County to C.R. Pate from J.F. Helms, Tax Collector with stamp of first installment paid
11.D. SCCM 4277: 1904 Tax collection receipt for Geo.B and Mollie Pate to J.F. Helms, Tax Collector
11.E. SCCM 4324: Receipt for State and county Taxes 2nd Installment 1904-5, Geo.Pate to J.F. Helms, Tax Collector
11.F. SCCM 4718: Notice to settle account balance from the News Office Devlin and Judah (blank)
11.G. SCCM 4519: 1947 Goodwill Industries receipt
11.H. SCCM 4464: Certificate from the Republique Francaisse to be delivered to the exporter for a fragment of a Buddha head, 1938 General Government of Indochina
11.I. SCCM 4462: 1866 certificate, possibly from Denmark.
11.J. SCCM 4460: 1877 Apprentice’s Indenture
11.K. SCCM 4448: Agency of the Bank of CA 1875 check No. 232
11.L. SCCM 4449: Bank of California 1873 check No.943
11.M. SCCM 4450: First National Bank of Towanda 1876, check No. 302
11.N. SCCM 4434: Napa Gold and Silver Mining Co. Ten Shares stock certificate No.773 to S.A. Bartlett 1863
11.O. SCCM 4436: Tip Top Gold and Silver Mining Co. Five Shares stock certificate No. 10 to S.A. Bartlett 1863
11.P. SCCM 4435: Alabama Gold and Silver Mining Co. Stock Certificate No.42, ten shares to S.A. Bartlett
11.Q. SCCM 4433: Silver Prize, No.2 Gold and Silver Mining Co. No.30 Stock certificate for twenty shares to S.A. Bartlett 1863
11.R. SCCM 4432: Cataract Gold and Silver Mining Co. NO.37 Stock certificate for ten shares to S.A. Bartlett 1863
11.S. SCCM 4431: Gold and Silver Mining Co. “The Pearl” No.33. Stock certificate to S.A. Bartlett for twenty shares 1863
11.T. SCCM 4430: El Dorado Gold and Silver Mining Co. Stock Certificate No. 64 to S.A. Bartlett for twenty shares, 1863
11.U. SCCM 4429: Cataract Gold and Silver Mining Co. No.39 Stock certificate for ten shares of stock to S.A. Bartlett, 1863
11.V. SCCM 4428: Crescent Gold and Silver Mining Co. No.1 Stock Certificate for five shares to S.A. Bartlett, 1863
11.W. SCCM 4427 Ticket of Leave for Samuel B. from his ship in Bombay April 1844
11.X. SCCM 4426 Merchants Bank of Halifax stamped check 1877 No.0218
11.Y. SCCM 4425: Parish of Lewisham Application for rates receipt, 1874 No. of Assessment and Receipt 1125
11.Z. SCCM 4424: same as above
11.AA. SCCM 4423: Bee Hotel, Liverpool, 1860’s expenses receipt for a Mr.B.
11.BB. SCCM 4422: Slip for the payment of rent by Mr. Buckley 1874
11.CC. SCCM 4421: William’s Commercial Family Hotel London, 1866 booklet of expenses due
11.DD. SCCM 4420: Waverley Temperance Hotels expense receipt
11.EE. SCCM 4419: Assessment No. 1125 Parish of Lewisham second and final application for rates
11.FF. SCCM 4418: New Hampshire Militia notification of military duty 1835
11.GG. SCCM 4417: Paramount Picture Brewster’s Millions 1000 Laughs “Fatty” Arbuckle money
11.HH. SCCM 4416: Land and Income tax receipt 1874 No. of assessment 1097
11.II. SCCM 4282: Pacific Coast Furniture Co. Stock certificate No.15 for ten shares stock to W.A. Littlefield ,1906
11.JJ. SCCM 4281:Chapman Furniture Co. Stock Certificate No.11 for forty shares of stock to Carrie B. Clark and issued to Martha B.L’Amoreaux, 1923

12. Deeds:

12.A. SCCM 4227: Instructions for directing the foundation of the new Villa de Branciforte printed for the Santa Cruz Historical Society 1976
12.B. SCCM 4512: An Early Ghost Town of California Branciforte by Lesley Byrd Simpson, printed 1935, San Francisco, CA by Harry W. Porte
12.C. SCCM # 170: Jose Bolcoff Alcade Constitucional of the Villa de Branciforte land lease and title to “the native Ysidro”
12.D. SCCM 4274: Indenture for land parcel “lot number two in Block D” to the Pates, 1918
12.E. SCCM 4275: Deed Indenture dated 1916 for George B. Pate
12.F. SCCM 4276: Deed Indenture agreement between Nettie Murray, George B. Pate and Mollie F. Pate

13. Election Posters:

13.A. SCCM 4711: Presidential Primary Election and Special Election 1932 Voting Card
13.B. SCCM 4707: O.W. Dunlap Election Campaign Poster for S.C. County Sheriff

14. Greeting Cards:

14.A. SCCM 4638: 1891 Pop-up Christmas card
14.B. SCCM 4211: 1938 Christmas card from King Zany the entertainer, made from Joshua Tree according to handwritten text on reverse—from cousin Mattie Parsons
14.C. SCCM 4709 (1-5):

4709 (1): Christmas card (blank) with Santa and sleigh
4709 (2) : Merry Christmas and New Year card with tree graphic
4709 (3): Christmas Greetings little card with poem conveying best wishes
4709 (4): little Christmas card with envelope from Mr. and Mrs. P.L. Wilson
4709 (5): Christmas card with envelope from “Jessie”, 1951
No accession #: Anne Burnight card with : “Land sakes it wouldn’t seem like Christmas if I didn’t wish you a happy one” and drawing

15. Hotel Publications:

15.A. SCCM 4263: Breakers Hotel S.C., CA envelope a
15.B. SCCM 4262: Breakers Hotel notepaper one (1) page
15.C. SCCM 4260: Brookdale Lodge booklet with photo of brook, information on reverse, and poem inside

16. Illustrations:

16.A. SCCM 4452: 1942 folio Scenic Grandeur of the West, Southern Pacific Lines

4452.15: Wawona Tunnel Tree Mariposa Grove, Yosemite print
4452.14: Cypress point Monterey print
4452.13: Streamliner city of San Francisco crossing Salt Lake
4452.12: Oil Wells near Santa Barbara print
4452.11: Palm Springs, CA print
4452.10: Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
4452.09: Yosemite Falls, Yosemite, CA print
4452.08: Giant Cactus, Arizona
4452.07: Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico print
4452.06: Half Dome from Glacier Point, Yosemite print
4452.05: Union Station Los Angeles
4452.04: San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge print
4452.03: Daylight Limited, San Francisco and Los Angeles print
4452.02: San Joaquin Daylight on Tehachapi Loop, Southern Pacific Lines print
4452.01: Roosevelt Dam, Arizona print
4452.00: Homes of Ancient Cliff Dwellers, Arizona print

17. Letters and Envelopes:

17.A. SCCM #171: Two pages of an 1850 letter to the Alcade of Santa Cruz
17.B. SCCM 4427: Instructions for foundation of Villa de Branciforte reprint for S.C. Historical Society, 1976
17.C. SCCM 4414: Envelope Southern Railway System (the return address)
17.D. SCCM 4415: letter, personal to Mr. or Mrs. Simpson, London, Sept.28,’70 possibly 1870
17.E. SCCM 4453: personal letter from the Morton’s dated 10/14/1843
17.F. SCCM 4454: personal letter dated 1791
17.G. SCCM 4455: personal letter to a “Mr. Reid” from Richard Neale, dated June the 7th’1791
17.H. SCCM 4456: personal letter from James Daly to his father, Caracas, 1851
17.I. SCCM 4457: personal letter dated March 30, 1908
17.J. SCCM 4458: personal letter dated Sept.4th 1839
17.K. SCCM 4459: personal letter dated Sept. 19th’81
17.L. SCCM 4461: Envelope postmarked Sep. 23rd 1881 Canada
17.M. SCCM 4463: Envelope Pacific Mail Steam Shipp Co. dated in pencil as 20 Aug. 1874
17.N. SCCM 4465: personal letter dated Sept. 13th’63 (1863?)
17.O. SCCM 4467: personal letter dated May 5th 1889
17.P. SCCM 4468: letter, to Santa Cruz Public Library on business matters, Dec. 7th’28
17.Q. SCCM 4469: personal letter, not dated to Miss Waterman
17.R. SCCM 4470: personal letter dated January 1864
17.S. SCCM 4471: personal letter to “Flora” dated July 15 ’73 and envelope to a Mrs. Littlefield
17.T. SCCM 4472: personal letter dated Dec.22nd 1872 and envelope to “Flora”
17.U. SCCM 4473: personal letter and envelope dated Sept. 23’63 from John Young
17.V. SCCM 4474: personal letter dated Feb. 26 1864?
17.W. SCCM 4475: personal letter dated July 2 1863
17.X. SCCM 4476: Envelope postmarked 6th 1889
17.Y. SCCM 4196: Envelope postmarked Jan.20 1977 Inauguration Day
17.Z. SCCM 4712: Envelope and letter: postmarked Nov.10th 1933 State board of Equalization to Mrs. P.L. Wilson
17.AA. SCCM 4717: Envelope and letter from Department of Natural Resources Point Lobos State Park, postmarked Apr. 21st 1956
17.BB. SCCM 4719: Envelope from Chas. Berg Implement Co. postmarked Apr.19th 1930
17.CC. SCCM 4715 (1): Envelope and letter: postmarked Sep. 6th 1951 from Priscilla Cake Box to Mrs. Wilson

4715 (2): letter and envelope to Mrs. P.L. Wilson from Priscilla Bakeries June 23rd 1950
4715 (3): postcard postmarked Nov. 3rd 1950 to Mrs. P.L. Wilson

17.DD. SCCM 4714 and envelope: letter dated Oct. 30th 1958 to Mrs. P.L. Wilson from Dr. Ted Foster Optometrist

18. Miscellaneous Booklets and Library Publications:

18.A. SCCM 4835: This is California Booklet published 1928
18.B, SCCM 4637: Songster by Delaney, “ Oh How I Wish I could Sleep ‘Til my Daddy Comes Home” dated 1918
18.C. SCCM 4636: The New Yorker Nov.10th1945 Overseas Edition for armed forces
18.D. SCCM 4466: Ten pages of meeting minutes dated June 1908
18.E. SCCM 4396 (2) : Irving Echoes Christmas No. 5 1899 from the Irving Institute
SCCM 4396 (1): Irving Echoes Vol. I No.I Christmas 1897
18.F. SCCM 4395: The Clansman, Clune’s Auditorium Theatre booklet
18.G. SCCM 4394: CA Centennials Commission Historical Caravan booklet
18.H. SCCM 4393: California Historical Society Membership Booklet c.1927
18.I. SCCM 4392: Rules of the Radcliffe and Pilkington Lyceum and Mutual Improvement Society Booklet
18.J. SCCM 4391: Pierce’s Memorandum and Account Book
18.K. SCCM 4390: CA Library Association 42nd Annual Meeting, 1937 Brochure
18.L. SCCM 4389: CA Library Association 1937 questionnaire from Committee on Education for Librarianship
18.M. SCCM 4388: A Code of Ethics for CA Librarians
18.N. SCCM 4387: CA Library Association 38th Annual Meeting Advance Program 1933
18.O. SCCM 4389: CA Library Association 1937 questionnaire from Committee on Education for Librarianship
18.P. SCCM 4388: A Code of Ethics for CA Librarians
18.Q. SCCM 4387: CA Library Association 38th Annual Meeting Advance Program 1933

19. Music Notation Sheets:

19.A. No Accession number: The Singing Newspaper Vendor sheet music by Ricky Lobosco 1958
19.B. #873: Aussi mocht’i oder Auf nach Amerika sheet music

20. Music Programs:

20.A. SCCM 4285: Program for First National Music Week, Santa Cruz, CA 1924
20.B. SCCM 4283: Sophomore Reception 1916 Dance Program
20.C. SCCM 4284: Complimentary Concert for Mrs.W.C Swinford Pera House 1905 Programme
20.D. SCCM 4286: Mme. Margaret Matzenauer Contralto Metropolitan Opera Co. Program
20.E. SCCM 4287: handwritten music program
20.F. NO Accession number: Song of the Waves handwritten sheet music
20.G. 4288: Evelina Paganelli Piano Recital Program 1935

21. Nature Club:

21.A. SCCM 4361: Santa Cruz Nature Club postcard
21.B. SCCM 4362: Nature Study List from 1950 (?)
21.C. SCCM 4364: Santa Cruz Membership List
21.D. SCCM 4365: Santa Cruz Nature Club Stenographers Notebook
21.E. SCCM 4363: List of Personnel for the Nature Club

22. Pajaro Valley Tourist Promotion Leaflets:

22.A. SCCM 4380: The Pajaro Valley brochure from the California Promotion Committee
22.B. SCCM 4259: same as above
22.C SCCM 4255: same as above
22.D. SCCM 4254: same
22.E. SCCM 4256: same
22.F. SCCM 4252: same
22.G. SCCM 4258 (also marked as 4108 5 of 7) : Pajaro Valley Tourism brochure printed with “You Come” and a large green apple
22.H. SCCM 4257: same as above
22.I. SCCM 4253: Souvenir Agricultural Statistics of the Pajaro Valley
22.J. SCCM 4260: Second Annual Apple Show, Watsonville, CA 1911 postcard
22.K. SCCM 4261: same as above
22.L. SCCM 4862: Official Souvenir Program Apple Annual Show Watsonville CA 1910

23. Postal Cards:

23.A. SCCM 4410 through 4413: Four (4) blank postcards with Franklin stamp (4410), eagle stamp (4411), Lincoln stamp (4412), and Jefferson stamp (4413)

24. Programs:

24.A. SCCM 4109: Program for “Borrowing Trouble” at Seabright Hall, Apr.16th 1915
24.B. SCCM 4359: Program for Red Cross Chapter Regional Conference Nov.4th 1921
24.C. SCCM 4358: same as above
24.D. SCCM 4360: Santa Cruz Fiesta Committee Minutes Aug.6th 1947

25. Santa Cruz Publications:

25.A. No Accession number, but marked as #124 Plate #1: Teddy Roosevelt in front of Old Court House May 11th 1903 Santa Cruz, CA
25.B. SCCM 4232: Obituary/ Memorial Program for Colonel Everett Worthington Foster, 1933
25.C. SCCM 4233: The Optimeter Jan.1947 Vol. 38 Jan.1947 Number 1
25.D. SCCM 4234: Semi-Centennial Sermon delivered by W.S. Matthew at the Sevnty-Fifth Session of the California Conference, Sept.16th 1926 booklet
25.E. SCCM 4755: Centennial Memorial 1848-1948 First Methodist Church Program
25.F. SCCM 4836: Charter of the City of Santa Cruz reprint 1930

26. Santa Cruz Tourist Promotion Leaflets:

26.A. SCCM 4716: Santa Cruz Big Trees tourist brochure
26.B. SCCM 4706: Santa Cruz Beaches Tourism promotion booklet by the Santa Cruz Beach Company
26.C. SCCM 4704: San Lorenzo Valley Tourism Brochure
26.D. SCCM 4694 (5) : Lost World Scotts Valley Decal
26.E. SCCM 4694 (4): Mystery Forest at Lost World tourism advertisement
26.F. SCCM 4694 (1): Lost World and Mystery Forest brochure
26.G. SCCM 4694 (3): Lost World Land of the Mystery Forest Brochure
26.H. SCCM 49964 (2) : Lost World Home of the Enchanted Forest brochure
26.I. SCCM 4646: Visitor’s Guide to Santa Cruz Tourism booklet
26.J. SCCM 4518: Santa Cruz, CA the City of Parks and Pine Hurst Gardens brochure
26.K. SCCM 4489: Santa Cruz County Tourism booklet
26.L. SCCM 4385: Santa Cruz California Brochure with stamp of Harry E. Murray Insurance Agent inside
26.M. SCCM 44244: Big Basin Redwoods State Park Tourism Brochure
26.N. SCCM 4243: Souvenir Guide Santa Cruz County Big Trees Park
26.O. SCCM 4236: small Santa Cruz County fold-out informational booklet
26.P. SCCM 4242: Capitola by-the-sea tourism brochure dated Jan.1st 1961
26.Q. SCCM 4241: Santa Cruz and the Tent City on the Beach brochure
26.R. SCCM 4248: Have You Been to Santa Cruz County brochure
26.S. SCCM 4237:Santa Cruz “Sun-Tan Special” Southern Pacific railroad Schedule
26.T. SCCM 4097: Album of Santa Cruz, CA with prints of areas of Santa Cruz
26.U. SCCM 4235: Pleasure Points San Lorenzo Valley of the Redwoods brochure
26.V. SCCM 4108: small Santa Cruz County informational brochure
26.W. SCCM 4245: Santa Cruz CA Information Booklet by Southern Pacific Railroads

27. Santa Cruz Recent Memorabilia:

27.A. SCCM 4367: Santa Cruz Arts Forum 1972 Program
27.B. SCCM 4335: BX Basic Exchange 703 Front Street Santa Cruz Sticker
27.C. SCCM 4372: Santa Cruz Sentinel Centennial Edition June 17th 1956 pgs. C-1 to C-32
27.D. SCCM 4374: Los Angeles Times, Feb. 13th 1977 “Santa Cruz: new vitality for an aging beach beauty”
27.E. SCCM 4376: Santa Cruz County Visitors Guide
27.F. SCCM 4375: 1974 Santa Cruz The Whole Thing Catalog
27.G. SCCM 4377: Santa Cruz: a decade of progress November 1970
27.H. SCCM 4378: same as above
27.I. SCCM 4379: Santa Cruz a la Carte summer-fall 1974
27.J. SCCM 4366: Santa Cruz Independent July 15-21st 1977
27.K. SCCM 4368: Santa Cruz Sentinel April 20th 1972 Spring Fair
27.L. SCCM 4369: Felton Then and Now Booklet
27.M. SCCM 4370: Del Mar Theatre fundraising and informational booklet
27.N. SCCM 4371: Santa Cruz Rod and Gun Club Second Licensed A.K.C. Field Trial for Coker Spaniels and English Springer Spaniels Souvenir Program Feb.22-23 1942
27.O. SCCM 4373: Monterey Bay Empire Guide and Map in Full Color printed 1956

28. Santa Cruz Women’s Club:

28.A. SCCM 4310: Santa Cruz Women’s Club Book and Program Calendar 1936-37
28.B. SCCM 4311: Santa Cruz Women’s Club Book and Meeting Schedule 1932-33
28.D. SCCM 4313: Club Book for the year 1928-29
28.E. SCCM 4314: Club Book for 1937-38
28.F. SCCM 4315: Club Book 1932-33
28.G. SCCM 4316: Club Book for 1931-32
28.H. SCCM 4317: Twentieth Program Year Book 1927-28
28.I. SCCM 4318: Year Book for 1929-1930
28.J. SCCM 4319: Club Book for 1937-38
28.K. SCCM 4320: Club Book for 1934-35

29. Paper Memorabilia:

29.A. Laurel Dairy unpasteurized milk advertisement