Guide to the Santa Cruz County Bicentennial Committee Collection (1976) – Arrangement

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Series I. Commemorative Ephemera
Series II. School Projects
Series III. Newspapers/Clippings

Subseries III.A. Bicentennial Times
Subseries III.B. Loose Newspapers/Clippings

Series IV. Committee/Commission Documents

Subseries IV.A. County Bicentennial Committee Bi-Lingual Slide-Tape Project
Subseries IV.B. County Bicentennial Committee Film Series
Subseries IV.C. American Revolution Bicentennial Commission of California
Subseries IV.D. Congress for the Continuation of the American Revolution
Subseries IV.E. Bicentennial Committee Meetings
Subseries IV.F. County Bicentennial Committee Minutes
Subseries IV.G. County Bicentennial Committee: Funding Sources
Subseries IV.H. County Bicentennial Committee: Correspondence
Subseries IV.I. County Bicentennial Committee: “Bicentennial Community” Application
Subseries IV.J. County Bicentennial Committee: Members
Subseries IV.K. County Bicentennial Committee: Publications
Subseries IV.L. County Bicentennial Committee: Proposed Budget, 1975-76

Series V. Bicentennial Activities/Additional Documents

Subseries V.A. Scotts Valley Bicentennial
Subseries V.B. Correspondence
Subseries V.C. Bicentennial
Subseries V.D. Bicentennial Activities – General and in Santa Cruz
Subseries V.E. County Fair – Bicentennial Tent Project (S.C. Ethnic Groups)
Subseries V.F. Assorted Documents
Subseries V.G. American Revolution Bicentennial: General Information
Subseries V.H. Bicentennial, 1976
Subseries V.I. Additional Correspondence

Series VI. American Issues Forum
Series VII. County Bicentennial