Guide to the Melissa Gertrude Huntoon and Proctor Collection (1900s – 1960) – Contents

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Three (3) Items

Series Scope and Content Summary:

This series  consists of two (2) scrapbooks belonging to Gertrude Huntoon. One scrapbook measures approx. 16×13” in size and is bound in beige and gold material. Inside are newspaper clippings from the Santa Cruz Sentinel  on local businesses and events  dating from the mod 1950’s-1960’s. The second scrapbook is bound in black leather and is approx. 12×12” in size and inside are clippings of the S.C. Sentinel column “Santa Cruz Yesterdays”, poems and more. This series also includes unbound scrapbook pages pasted with newspaper clippings.

This series is divided into the following subseries:

Subseries I.A. Beige Scrapbook (1956-1960)
Subseries I.B. Black Scrapbook (1900’s-1950’s)
Subseries I.C. Unbound Scrapbook Pages

Subseries I.A. Beige Scrapbook (1956-1960)

One (1) scrapbook

Subseries Scope and Content Summary:

This series consists of one (1) scrapbook that is 16 (length) by 13” (width) with a white and beige cover and beige and gold lettering of the words “Scrapbook”. Inside are newspaper clippings from the Santa Cruz Sentinel dating from 1956-1960. Newspaper clippings are primarily about local businesses, roads being built, city expansion and traffic issues; fascinating Santa Cruz individuals such as artists, historical landmarks, and more.  Newspaper clippings include: “Santa Cruz Yesterdays” column clippings from the S.C. Sentinel (1956, 1958); S.C. Sentinel newspaper clipping “Loss of Historical Aspects of Henry Cowell Park is Mourned” (1959); “ Historic Inn Demolishment Starts Today” (1960) S.C. Sentinel article about Beach Inn being torn down; “ History of Neary-Hopcroft Adobe and City Relayed” about purchase of the adobe as a historical monument (S.C. Sentinel 1957); “Passing Years Mean Little to Nonagenarian Watercolorist” S.C. Sentinel clipping about 94-year old watercolorist Lillian Heath (1958); “The Last Supper Project Now Seven Years Old” S.C. Sentinel 1958 clipping about the Santa Cruz Art League and the wax ‘Last Supper’. Other items include: S.C. Sentinel clipping of announcement “West Santa Cruz County Bank News-County Bank Opens New West Santa Cruz Office” and an invitation for the opening of County Bank’s office on Mission and Du Four Street (1960), inside the announcement is a two-page spread on the staff and the ground-breaking ceremony of the bank, the East Santa Cruz County Bank branch’s 90th year celebration and more. Also in this scrapbook are non-local historical newspaper clippings such as “Getting ready for a New president” 1960 newspaper S.C. Sentinel article about inaugurating a new president; “Santa Cruz Sentinel Endorses Nixon” (1960) and more; 1960 newspaper photo of Queen Elizabeth II and her family; article and photo from S.C. Sentinel “New Congo President” about the Republic of Congo President Joseph Kasavubu (1960) and much more. This scrapbook is in fair condition—the front and back cover are intact, yet the pages are loose from the binding and are cracking and yellowing. Date range: 1956-1960


Box 1

Subseries I.B. Black Scrapbook (1900s to 1950s)

One (1) Scrapbook

Subseries Scope and Content Summary:

This subseries consists of one approx. 12×12” scrapbook featuring a black leather cover with a floral border and a gold and silver medallion design in the center along with the words “Scrapbook” in gold lettering. Inside the scrapbook are mementoes such as newspaper clippings from the Santa Cruz Sentinel including the column “Santa Yesterdays” which featured stories on business and areas from Santa Cruz’s past in the 1800’s-mid 1930’s. Some clippings from this column include a feature on the First High School Building from 1895-1913 and a column on the Garfield Park Tabernacle from 1890-1935.  Other items include a small 4×3” brochure from the Daughters of the American Revolution Abigail Adams Chapter Memorial,  a 1901 business or calling card of Mrs. Gertrude Huntoon dated 1901, brochures from First Methodist Church, including one from Christmas time 1951;  Certificate of Church Membership for Gertrude Huntoon for the Laurel Methodist Church, Oakland, dated 1959; handwritten poem entitled “Working in the Garden”; note of thank from the City of Santa Cruz to Gertrude Huntton for serving as an Election Officer dated 1948; clippings from Ernest Otto’s column “Old Santa Cruz”;  a clipping of an S.C. Sentinel article on the dedication of a Santa Cruz Art League building at Broadway and Roosevelt Terrace in 1951; brochure from Santa Cruz County Big Trees Park,  certification of contribution to the shares in the Mount Hermon Association, Inc. ; newspaper clippings about the display of Frank Heath paintings at the S.C. Art League; and much more.

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Subseries I.C. Unbound Scrapbook Pages (1950s)

One (1) Folder

Subseries Scope and Content Summary:

This subseries consists of one, large  approx. 16×13” folder containing several unbound pages of newspaper clippings and other mementoes such as brochures pasted onto scrapbook paper; the cover no longer exists and some of the clippings are loose from the pages. The majority of the newspaper clippings appear to be from the Santa Cruz Sentinel  featuring stories on local events and businesses during the mid-1950’s as well as on past, historic events. Some stories topics of interest from the newspaper clippings include the Santa Cruz Flood of 1955, the demolishing of the Riverside Hotel, the Santa Cruz Mission Adobe being added to a State Park in c.1957, the First Service in the New Congregational Church, and more.

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One (1) Folder

Series Scope and Content Summary:

This series consists of nine items within one 12×10” folder. These items include: one postcard of monarchs in Milar’s Buttery Grove, Pacific Grove, CA;  one publication of vol. eleven, no. 4 of the Mount Hermon Association Inc.  “Mount Hermon Log” belonging to Mrs. M. Gertrude Huntoon of Santa Cruz, CA who’s address is printed on the cover, the cover features an article on Mount Hermon’s 50th  Anniversary Year and the honoring of Dr. Francis W. Russell’s 90th birthday; First Methodiost Church brochure for a 1951 call to worship entitled ‘Beyond the Sunset’ featuring Vera McKenna Clayton as organist (see Mckenna-Clauyton collection); Radio-Relay Television Skway brochure;  one brochure from the Santa Cruz Dial Telephone Exchange entitled “Always At Your Service” with a 1953 newspaper article inside FROM THE Santa Cruz Sentinel entitled “Fit Wires on Giant Frame”; brochure for recital honoring the memory of deceased choir member Arista K. Mellor (1935-1951) at First Methodist Church; brochure for 1954 presentation of  the wax Last Supper interpretation of Da Vinci’s painting at the  Sant Cruz Art League;  Santa Cruz Sentinel article from 1958 entitled “Sorpotimists Honor Civic Leader; page from the Santa Cruz Riptide dated 1941 featuring photos of West Cliff Drive and article entitled “Branciforte Girl  Wins Elks Essay Contest”.

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