Guide to the Marie Scott Alaska Photo Album Collection (1940s) – History

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Marie T. Scott (born 1903- died 1976)

Marie T. Scott was born in Los Angeles, California. In 1935 she graduated with a B.E. Degree from the University of Los Angeles. After graduation she attended several Universities to complete graduate studies. These included: Columbia University, Loyola University, Immaculate Heart College, and University of Hawaii. Her studies led to teaching high school at Carver Junior High School and Alexander Hamilton High School. Eventually returned to Los Angles where she became Chair of the Art Department at Los Angeles Valley College. Over her lifetime, Marie studied various mediums of art, including watercolor and photography. She was a student at Imogene Cunningham’s and often told stories about her recollections of studying with artist Andre Lhote , a Cubist-style painter and sculptor who rose to prominence in Paris after World War I and into the 1920’s (“Andre Lhote”, Wikipedia, pub. 7/2/2015 Marie exhibited her work at several county fairs including the California State Fair, Los Angeles County Fair, and with the Southern California Watercolor Society, and in galleries in San Francisco, and at the Third Street Gallery. She won several awards for her watercolors including First Prize at the Ebell Club and Second Prize during the Exhibit of Southern California Watercolor Society. Forty photographs taken of California Missions by Marie are in this Collection. It is believed she took these photos in the 1940’s (biographical info. from: S.C. County Historical Museum donor file, and letter from Janet Carter 7/14/1976).