Guide to the MAH Stereograph Collection – Scope

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This collection consists primarily of stereographs published by George E. Stone as well as other publishers of stereographs. The stereographs date from 1890-1927 with one taken of the Scotts Valley area dating to 1912 and another taken by an amateur photographer identified as C.R. Bushnell dating to 1889. Many of the Stereographs in the collection are of the San Francisco area, Carmel, Monterey, and Yosemite Valley, CA as well as other areas in California such as Santa Rosa. Images are mostly scenic, or in the case of the George E. Stone collection, are close up views of birds, flowers, trees or tidal pools. Stereographs published by Underwood and Underwood as well as J.F. Jarvis Publishers feature images from around the world such as Paris as well as places in the United States such as Washington, D.C. There are also stereographs featuring images of people posed in various situations with amusing captions or dialogue published by Strohmeyer and Wyman and Littleton and Co.