Guide to the MAH General Collection – World War II

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Scope and Content

A collection of material from World War II.  This collection includes ration books, a training manual, and various magazines from and about World War II period.


The following is an Honor Roll collected from various sources. World War II Gold Star Honor Roll (.pdf)  – 16 August 2016

The following is a list of Medal Awardees from various sources.  World War II Medal Awardees (.pdf) – 24 November 2016

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Envelope: Photos of various World War II aircraft.
Envelope: World War II Ration Books
Envelope: Letter to Elvira del Porto from the Office of Alien Evacuation dated 11 September 1942.
Envelope:  The New Yorker Overseas Edition for Armed Forces dated 13 October 1945 and 20 October 1945.
Folder: World War II Paper Airplane Models from Reed and Associates
Folder: Miscellaneous pamphlets including a one with instructions for knitting and crocheting items for soldiers and sailors.  There is also an ‘Honor Emblem’ for a liberty loan subscriber.
Magazine: ‘The Helm’ a pictorial guide to the United States Maritime Service Training Station at Sheepshead Bay, NY.
Magazine: “MacArthur: Hero of Destiny” WRITTEN BY Captain Wm. Kelley.
Magazine: ‘The Mast’ the United States Maritime Service
Magazine: ‘The Mast’ April 1944, The United States Maritime Service (Accession # 2001H.14-1-35ab)
Magazine: ‘History of the Second World War’
Magazine: ‘Mission Accomplished: Africa, Sicily, and Italy’
Magazine: ‘US Navy War Photographs’
Magazine “WINS, Women in National Service”, Wartime Homemaking Manual
Handbook: ‘Officer Candidates Handbook’ for Alameda, CA
Handbook: ‘Battery Detail’ the field artillery manual for the 75mm Gun dated 1939
Certificate awarded to William Franks for purchasing war bond
Flyer from Santa Cruz City Civilian Defense in case of air raid alarm