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One (1) Box

Scope and Content

A collection of various material including extracts of Soquel and Watsonville news and a copy of a journal for Sarah Gourley.

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Folder: Soquel News transcribed from various articles of the Sentinel or Daily Surf.  There are also two poems by Margaret Hayes that earned prizes from the ‘Poets of the Vineyard Contest’ in 1980.  There is also a CD with the transcribed Soquel News and Watsonville Remembered.  Soquel News from Early Newspapers (.pdf)   Watsonville Remembered#7A29 (.pdf)

Folder: Copy of a journal for Sarah Gourley.  In 1856, with her family, she moved to California taking a steamer from New York to Panama and crossing the Isthmus.  She relates the adventures her family had in crossing the Isthmus.  She finally arrived in Santa Cruz on July 4th, 1856.

Folder: Envelopes containing various items from a Dr. J.A. Walker of Ben Lomond.

Hard-covered Sketch Book with several drawings of local sites including Scotts Valley and the Beach.  There is no annotation of who owned this book.  On one of the drawings is dated 6-16-19 and appears to have the initials ‘P or F’ and ‘H or W.’

Hard-covered Blue Financial Ledger, however there is no clear identification of what entity this ledger is for.

SERIES IV.  Calendar Collection

One (1) Box

Scope and Content

A collection of calendars of people and places in Santa Cruz County.  Included are a 1984 calendar titled “Remarkable Women of Santa Cruz County”, a 1999 calendar titled “A Look Back Remembering Old Davenport”, and even a 1982 calendar titled “The Bare Grays”.

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SERIES V.  Miscellaneous Collection

One (1) Box

Scope and Content

A collection of various material including certificates and other items for the county hospital, booklets on the Saturday Afternoon Club, a scrapbook from Mangels Ranch, a letter and map for the Hartman-Perry Lumber Company, plus several other items.

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5 & 6

Box 5

Envelope: County Hospital Materials (certificates from 1949 to 1972, Resolution 643-60 establishing the Russell S. Ferguson Memorial Rehabilitation Center, newspaper clippings, and blueprints for the hospital)

Folder: Lands of Hartman-Perry Lumber Company (letter and map dated 3 October 1937 providing location and capacity of lumber mills to a Mr. Chas A. Kaar)

Envelope: a wedding pamphlet for the Dal Porto’s, a marriage certificate for Charles Hall and Mildred Nidever, and some sheet music titled “Sweet Velzoe Brown” from 2007 by Norman Walker.

Envelope:  Pamphlets for the “Saturday Afternoon Club of Santa Cruz, California.”  The club was organized in 1907.  These pamphlets span a period from 1919 to 1927

Box 6

Scrapbook from Mangels Ranch, assembled by Agnes Mangels.  Agnes Mangels (13 August 1867 – 10 March 1958) was the youngest of four children of Claus Mangels and Agnes Grosse.  Claus Mangels (12 September 1832 – 22 April 1891) was born near Hanover Germany.  He emigrated to the United States in 1851.  Together with his brother-in=law and partner, Claus Spreckles, they pioneered the sugar business in the west.  Agnes Grosse (25 February 1844 – 11 July 1875) was born in Westphalen Germany.  The scrapbook contains many cartoons of the day.  In the book of the book is a financial ledger but the entries are recorded by client or account number so currently unable to decipher the ledger.

Folder: Various Bond Certificates for 1912 to 1919.  The certificates include school bonds for the “High School District”, Hester Creek, Watsonville, Eureka, Larkin, Aptos, plus others.  There are also several certificates for the highway bond of 1919.