Guide to the Knight Family Collection, [1854-1984] – Arrangement

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This collection is organized into six series as follows:

Series  I. Photographs, 1860s-1980 (bulk 1880s-1940s)

Series  II: Correspondence, 1866-1950

Subseries  II.A: Benjamin Knight, Jr., Family correspondence, 1866-1903
Subseries  II.B: Benjamin Knight, Jr., Business correspondence, 1874-1905
Subseries  II.C: Family correspondence, 1868-1950

Series  III: Family Documents, 1550-1971

Subseries  III.A: Family Genealogies (1550-1971), 187[?]-1971
Subseries  III.B: Legal Documents, 1866-1928
Subseries  III.C: Benjamin Knight, Jr., personal papers, 1855-1905
Subseries  III.D: Benjamin Knight, Jr., medical books, 1862-1911
Subseries  III.E: Benjamin K. Knight and family, personal papers, 1876- 1984
Subseries  III.F: Knight’s Opera House, 1886- n.d.
Subseries  III.G: California Restaurant, 1911-1928

Series  IV. Newspaper Clippings, 1876-1959

Subseries  IV.A: Benjamin Knight, Jr.: Newspapers, 1876-1879
Subseries  IV.B: Benjamin K. Knight Articles, 1898-1940
Subseries  IV.C: Benjamin B. Knight Articles, 1934-1954
Subseries  IV.D: Death Notices, 1903-1959

Series V. Journals of Benjamin Knight, Sr., 1854-1881

Diaries of Benjamin Knight

Subseries  V.A: Journals, 1854-1881
Subseries  V.B: Journal Contents, 1856-1881

Series  VI.  Artifacts, 18xx-xxxx