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One (1) folder, seven (7) prints

Subseries Scope and Content Summary:

This subseries consists of seven (7) small prints of sketches created by Hulda Hoover McLean in the early 1970’s. The sketches are of buildings throughout Santa Cruz County. The prints of the sketches are in great condition. Some examples of buildings drawn include: The Octagon (89.33.6) and Soquel Congregational Church (89.33.3). Only two of the prints have captions on the reverse identifying the building drawn. These prints are 84.33.4 and 89.33.3. The rest have no captions. In this subseries are prints of sketches that are small in size; there are three (3) prints that are approx. 12”x9”, (89.33.7, 89.33.10, 89.33.5), one (1) 12”x6” print (89.33.9), two (2) 10”x8” prints (89.33.3-4) and one (1) 6”x8” print (89.33.6). This subseries contains accession numbers 89.33.3-89.33.7 and 89.33.9 and 83.33.10 in one 15×11” folder.

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One (1) folder, three (3) prints

Subseries Scope and Content Summary:

This subseries consists of three (3) large, approx. 12”x14” prints of sketches made by artist Hulda Hoover McLean in 1974. The prints are in great condition and are of buildings in Santa Cruz County or Ben Lomond. Some examples of places sketched include: “Ben Lomond Castle,1974” (89.33.2), and “Weeks House, Santa Cruz 1974” (89.33.1). The aforementioned sketches feature identifying captions on the reverse, the third in this subseries does not (89.33.8). This subseries includes accession numbers 89.33.1-89.33.2 and 89.33.8 in a large, 14”x11” manila envelope.

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