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Henry Lord Washburn (1889-1972) was Santa Cruz County’s first farm advisor with the University of California Extension Service, a position he held for more than thirty years. In the 1920s Henry Washburn initiated soil conservation activities in Santa Cruz County and started the area’s Christmas tree farming project. He worked with 4-H clubs and helped establish the local poultry industry. An expert on soils, he introduced the values of shallow cultivation. He was instrumental in establishing the Santa Cruz County Farm Bureau. In the 1920s he helped organize teams to fight forest fires. As a conservationist, Washburn worked to preserve the area’s natural resources, conducting forest tours and attending hundreds of meetings, showing his slides, and giving talks on respecting natural resources. He was a prolific and gifted photographer. Items in this collection represent Henry Washburn’s work as Farm Advisor. Washburn materials can also be found at UCSC Special Collections and the Ag History Project in Watsonville.