Guide to the Henry Washburn, Farm Advisor, Collection (1930s – 1950s) – Arrangement

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Series I: Weekly Reports

Subseries I.A. Weekly Report: Oct 13, 1934
Subseries I.B. Weekly Report: Nov 24, 1934
Subseries I.C. Weekly Report: March 23, 1935
Subseries I.D. Weekly Report: March 30, 1935
Subseries I.E. Weekly Report: April 6, 1935
Subseries I.F. Weekly Report: Oct 7, 1936
Subseries I.G. Weekly Report: Feb 29, 1936
Subseries I.H. Weekly Report: March 14, 1936
Subseries I.I. Weekly Report: March 21, 1936

Series II: Images

Subseries II.A. Photographic Correspondence 1934-36
Subseries II.B. FB Meetings/tours unidentified
Subseries II.C. WPA Project Tour
Subseries II.D. Projects/Tours
Subseries II.E. Highland Contour Meeting
Subseries II.F. Gopher and contour irrigation meeting
Subseries II.G. Water Conservation
Subseries II.H. Irrigation
Subseries II.I. Erosion Control
Subseries II.J. Soil Erosion Demo
Subseries II.K. Moth Spray Demo
Subseries II.L. Spraying Crops
Subseries II.M. Plume Moth Close Ups
Subseries II.N. Termites
Subseries II.O. Crops/Orchard
Subseries II.P. Apple
Subseries II.Q. Artichokes
Subseries II.R. Corn
Subseries II.S. Lettuce trials Berk
Subseries II.T. Livestock/Animals
Subseries II.U. Poultry
Subseries II.V. Rancho Paicines Round Up
Subseries II.W. Stallion
Subseries II.X. California Rodeo at Salinas/Salinas Rodeo
Subseries II.Y. Fox Farming
Subseries II.Z. Forestry Tour, Santa Cruz County (May 10, 1935)
Subseries II.AA. Forestry
Subseries II.BB. Fire Control Demonstrations
Subseries II.CC. Christmas Trees
Subseries II.DD. 4-H
Subseries II.EE. Home Demo – Textiles
Subseries II.FF. Home Ground Improvement Tour (May 23, 1934)
Subseries II.GG. Candid Photos, Triple A meeting
Subseries II.HH. FB Events and related
Subseries II.II. FB People
Subseries II.JJ. Watsonville Flood (Events)
Subseries II.KK. Lulu Carpenter File
Subseries II.LL. Non-FB Photos
Subseries II.MM Unidentified People
Subseries II.NN. ‘Cowman’s Relaxation’ Portraits
Subseries II.OO. Possible Soquel Photos 1930

Series III: ‘Section Maps’ Farm Labor Offices

Series IV: Correspondence

Subseries IV.A. C Martens Correspondence

Series V: Tours

Subseries V.A. Bankers and Businessmen Tour
Subseries V.B. Soil Erosion Tour

Series VI: Bulb Improvement

Series VII: Wireworm Control

Series VIII: Christmas Trees

Subseries VIII.A. Christmas tree Studies
Subseries VIII.B. Feature of Farm Advisors Annual Report (1953)

Series IX: Ephemera + Books

Series X: Slides

Series XI: Lillian Huebner’s Flood Control Materials

Series XII: Clippings