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SERIES I. SCRAPBOOK (1890s – 1900s)

One (1) Scrapbook

Series Scope and Content Summary:

This subseries consists of one (1) approx. 7” (length) x 10” (height) “Trade-Mark Mark Twain’s scrapbook” (patented 1873-1881), with a brown, red, blue and beige cover resembling marbled paper and black binding that resembles leather and contains gold embellishments and the title “Scrap-book” in gold. Inside the book are one hundred-fifty pasted with newspaper clippings, as well as several loose newspaper clippings and programmes for concerts stuffed into the front pages. The source of these clippings and programs are unknown, and they are undated. One newspaper clipping may tentatively date these clippings as it is for a celebration held at Big Trees by the Hastings Band in 1892. Many of the clippings pertain to George Hastings himself and his activities teaching music, his musical performances, advertisements for his teaching, newspaper about his travels to study music in “the East”, and much more. Other items in this book include: Chicago Opera House Balcony ticket stubs, World’s Columbian Exposition Tickets Stubs, articles on brain-teasing puzzles, business cards from musical instrument purveyors such as Jerome Thibouville-Lamy who was featured in a World’s Fair exhibit, photo from a magazine or other publication of Hastings’ Ladies Orchestra, a clipping of sheet music “The Man Who Beats The Drum” as sung by Fanny Rice, and much more. Date range: 1890s-1900s

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One (1) Album

Series Scope and Content Summary:

This series contains one (1) photo album measuring 12×6” in size bound with red half-leather by Vive Albums, made specifically for preserving photos. This album contains twenty-five double sided pages with photos that are 4×3”—4×5” in size. The photos are of: a cabin entitled “Ranch Orene”, photos of a residence on Chestnut Ave.; photo of a train on train tracks in a forest setting, and photo of train in a town setting, one of tracks (3 total); photo of women and children at what may be an amusement park, carnival or fair setting, indicated by sign “Tunnel of the—“; photographs of unidentified beaches, and people on the beach (about a dozen photos), some may be natural Bridges; several group portraits of children, women, and men, including about three of Hastings’ Ladies Orchestra; forest scenes; photos of a women and infant, and little girl which may be Orene, Hastings’ daughter; Christmas photos; scenes of horse carriages, leisurely activities; church altar (unidentified); and much more. Scrapbook in fair condition with tears and a battered binding, though none of the pages are coming loose from binding. The photos range from great to fair condition (none are damages, some are blurry with slight spotting). Date range: mid 1890s-1900s

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Series Scope and Content Summary:

This series consists of studio, portraits, tin-types and other types of photos of the Hastings family and other individuals. Photos in this series include portraits of George Hastings’ daughter Orene , his wife Cynthia “Tinnie” and George himself, as well as many other photos of businesses and other subjects. Date range: 1870s-1900s

This series is divided into the following subseries:

Subseries III.A. Tin Types
Subseries III.B. Portraits of Orene Hastings
Subseries III.C. Portraits of George and Tinnie Hastings
Subseries III.D. Group Portraits
Subseries III.E. Other Portraits
Subseries III.F. Residential and Business Photos
Subseries III.G. People and Towns

SUBSERIES III.A. TIN TYPES (1880s – 1900s)

Five (5) Items, one (1) folder

Subseries Scope and Content Summary:

This subseries consists of five (5) tin type studio portraits. These portraits are 4×3” in size and include: studio portrait of unidentified young woman, age 14-18; studio portrait of two women in their mid-twenties, seated; studio portrait of man and woman (unidentified), man may be Prof. Hastings; studio portrait purple envelope and red and white frame, captioned “your Geo. Hastings of Wagners Minstrels”; studio portrait of man in uniform with an instrument, likely a Hastings band member. Date range: 1880s-1900s

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Nine (9) portraits, one (1) folder

Subseries Scope and Content Summary:

This subseries consists of nine (9) portraits in one (1) folder, of Orene Hastings. These studio portraits are of Orene at the following ages: 1-2 months of age taken by McKean and Recht of Santa Cruz; 7 months of age taken by McKean & Ort of Pacific Ave.; two portraits by Wolfe & Recht at one year; two portrait at 2 years by Wolfe & Hanson of Santa Cruz; studio portrait at age 5 dated 1893, taken with Lottie Mary Woods age 10, by Mages (?) of Bloomington, ILL.; one by the same studio of Orene age 5, by herself. Portraits range from 10×7” to 7×5” and are in good condition. Date range: 1880s-90s

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One (1) Folder, six (6) photos

Subseries Scope and Content Summary:

This subseries consists of six (6) portraits that range in size from 10×7” at the largest to 2.5×4” at the smallest. These portraits include: two identical studio portraits of George Hastings, 10×7” taken by Elite Studio of Santa Cruz; two 6.5×4” portraits of Tinnie Hastings taken by Garrett of Bloomington, ILL. (1884) And “Mages” of Bloomington ILL. taken in 1879 age range of mid-twenties to thirties; two 2.5×4” portraits of Tinnie by Miller & Tankersley of Bloomington, one with caption “Tinnie Hastings to Uncle Joe”, taken as a young women. In good condition, date range: 1870s-90s

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One (1) Folder, four (4) photos

Subseries Scope and Content Summary:

This subseries consists of one (1) folder containing four (4) studio portraits with two people or more in the photo, ranging in size from 8×4” to 4×2.5”.These photos include: portrait of three individuals, one woman (possibly Tinnie), child (Orene?) and man (possibly George) by McKeans of Santa Cruz; portrait of two unidentified children taken by Joe Scibird of Bloomington, ILL.; portrait of two woman, (unidentified) taken by Mr. and Mrs. Morris of Santa Cruz; portrait of unidentified woman and young girl reading in a nature setting. Date range: 1880s-1900s

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One (1) Folder, twenty photos

Subseries Scope and Content Summary:

This subseries consists of twenty photos of unidentified individuals, including studio portraits and snap shot-type photos of women, children, and men—largely unidentified. These photos range in size from 3×5” snap-shot type photos to 10×5” formal studio portraits complete with studio cardboard cover and frame. These portraits include: studio portrait of a woman, in her mid-sixty years of age, with caption “Miss Stella Finkeldey, Donor, Otto Kunitz Memorial Music Library” taken by Mellian of Santa Cruz; three portraits of an unidentified woman (2 duplicates) dated 1909-1910 taken by J.C.? Olive; photo of a girl holding a star-tipped wand age 7-12 taken by Novelty Foto Co. of Santa Cruz; studio portrait of unidentified woman (possibly Tinnie?) taken by Mrs. Ella M. Morris of Santa Cruz dated 1882; 4×2” studio portrait captioned “Dr. Young” taken by C.F. Schroeder of Green Bay, Wis.; studio portrait of a man in his mid twenties, taken by Fisher Bros. of Boston; twelve snapshot type photos (non-studio, on paper and not cardboard) of an unidentified woman, dog, and man, and man enjoying nature and other activities. Photos are in Date range: 1880s-1900s

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One (1) Folder, five (5) photos

Subseries Scope and Content Summary:

This subseries consists of five (5) photos in one (1) folder. These photos are in good condition and range in size from 7×10” to 4×5” in size. These photos include: photo date 1890 from Hanson’s Photo Studio of Santa Cruz of a house, woman, and man with baby on a horse carriage; large 7” (height)x10” (high) photo of an unidentified school room with caption on reverse identifying some of the children in the 5th year class, studio unknown; 7×10” photo of unidentified business, or school—photo depicts men and women at rows of tables, dated 1907, studio unknown; photo dated 1911 of men and women behind a counter of an unknown business, studio unknown, and more. Date range: 1890s-1900s

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One (1) Folder, five (5) photos

Subseries Scope and Content Summary:

This subseries consists of five (5) photos ranging in size from 4×2” to 3×4” in size. These photos are of unidentified individuals in nature settings and town settings, animals, an unknown church, one man and two women in a car decorated with flowers in a town setting, a photo of a town in the 1915 Panama Pacific Exposition of San Francisco, a ranch house, and more. Date range: 1900s

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