Guide to the Garrett Family Collection (Unprocessed) – History

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Alice Garrett (1874-1959), the daughter of Edwin H. Garrett (1844-1903) and Margaret (Williamson) Garrett (1841-1924), was a native of Santa Cruz, California. She had one sibling, James Henry Garrett (1881-1969). Edwin had come from Illinois by way of Marysville, California, and then started a retail and wholesale mercantile business with his father-in-law, James Williamson (1820-1893). The Williamson and Garrett Grocery, located on Pacific Avenue in Santa Cruz, was a downtown staple for more than fifty years. In 1903, Alice married Malcolm H. Murray, an oil man, in San Francisco. They had one child, Margaret Murray-Orton, in 1912. The Garrett family had homes on Lincoln Street. The photo albums in this collection belonged to Alice and were created roughly between 1898 and 1913. They contain images of camping trips, family members, and local scenes in addition to some images of Alaska and Canada. The collection also contains a leather bible presented to Edwin and Maggie Garrett in 1870.