Guide to the Cordano Family Collection(1900’s-1940’s) – History

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Albert S. Cordano (b.1890-d.1933) was one of the members of the Cordano family, whose photographs and other personal memorabilia are part of the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History’s Cordano Family Collection. Albert Cordano was raised in Modesto, but eventually re-located to Santa Cruz where he would live for twenty-two years. The Cordano family home was at 29 Rigg Street. Albert Cordano was well known for running a billiard room (a.k.a. pool room) which was located in the spot of the Hotel Palomar. When the Hotel was slated for construction, the pool room was razed and then re-located to an area right below the Unique Theater. Albert Cordano was married to Eugenia (Gaffney) Cordano with whom he had two children, Albert L. and William D. Cordano. His wife Eugenia had family in San Jose, Los Angeles and Oregon (The Gaffneys) whose items also appear in this collection [S.C. Sentinel 3/14/1933].   Albert Cordano and his wife may have moved eventually to 1209 Bay Street [Source: “Eugenia Cordano dies at 62”; S.C. Sentinel, 7/31/1955; pg.20].  Albert Cordano’s son, Albert L. Cordano worked at Lone Star Cement Co. in Davenport as a kiln burner, and passed away in 1998 [S.C. Sentinel “Albert L. Cordano 7/22/1998; p.8].  Albert S. Cordano was interred in Santa Clara [Source: “Albert Cordano Passes to Rest After Illness”, Santa Cruz Sentinel, 3/14/1933, pg.3].