Guide to the Al Lowry Santa Cruz Photos Collection (1960s to 1990s) – Contents

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Series Scope and Content Summary:

This series consists of one-hundred fifteen (115) black and white 8”x10” photos taken by photographer Alexander “Al” Lowry in the early 1960’s through the mid-1990’s. The photos are in excellent condition and are of scenes in Santa Cruz, Watsonville, Capitola and Felton to name a few areas. The photos are of various individuals engaging in activities often out in nature, such as farming, swimming, playing games, sports and more. There are also a few photos (approx. 5 or more) of the U.C. Santa Cruz campus, two (2) are aerial views taken in 1984 [1998.16.46-6]. Also in the series are some nice photos of the Santa Cruz Boardwalk taken of rides close-up (approx. 5 of more photos). The rides include the Giant Dipper in 1973 [1998.16.24], The Jet Star Ride in 1973 [1998.16.25] and the Video Storm Ride 1973 [1998.16.29], which are a fascinating record of the Boardwalk’s changing rides. There are also approx. thirteen (13) or more portraits of individuals with identifying captions on the reverse in this series. Some examples of individuals in the portraits include: Chuck Abbott (approx. 2 photos 1998.16.15-16], Artist Al Palm taken in the late 1960’s, (approx. 4 photos 1998.16.13, 1998.16.11, 1998.16.5 and one or two others), Steve Emery at the Santa Cruz Art Center 1977 [1998.16.33], Philip Zembe at the Santa Cruz Art Center in 1977[199.16.34] and two touching photos of a researcher (unidentified) bonding with a Long Marine Lab sealion [1998.16.51-2] and others. There are also photos of various beaches such as Seacliff [1998.16.17] , Main Beach [1998.16.20] and Natural Bridges [1998.16.23 and others]. There are an estimated twenty (20) photos of Santa Cruz beaches, swimming, surfing, and other water-related activities. This series also attests to the county’s rich agricultural history and bounty, as there are approx. fifteen (more or less) photos of farms in Felton, Watsonville, and Davenport, scenes of stores, beekeeping, farming, and close-ups of vegetables and other food at markets. Also in the series are some interesting shots of architectural details of the U.S. Post on Front Street in Santa Cruz, CA, a Victorian house on Mission Street, the Heiner House (2 photos), the Boardwalk, and the Civic Auditorium (2 approx.). In total, there are approx. seven (7) or more close-up shots or architectural details. All the photos appear to have either typed labels or handwritten captions on the reverse, identifying the scene and/ or individual in the photo.


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