Guide to the A.P. Hill Photo Album Collection (1900 – 1904) – Contents

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One (1) Album, twenty-four (24) photos

Series Scope and Content Summary:

This series consists of one (1) photograph album measuring approximately 10 ½” x 13” in size. Inside the photo album are approx. twenty-four (24) black and white photos measuring 8 ½” inches high by 10 ½” across. These photo include: photo of the first public meeting held at Sanford University in 1900 held to discuss turning the giant redwoods of Big Basin into a public park, members include Carrie Walters Stevens, Professor W.R. Dudley and others; photo captioned “California State Board of Trade Start from Boulder Creek to the California State Redwood Park Aug. 1904”, which is a large photo of several stage coaches on a road; photo of Camp Sempervirens at Big Basin showing a large American Flag draped across trees at the camp, flag features only 40 stars; photos from the California State Redwood Park such as the “Dark Room Tree” also known as “Mother of the Forest”; photo of the Sierra Club entering the CA State Redwood Park in 1903; photo of the Cali. Board of Trade Excursion at the Big Four at Cal. State Redwood Park; U.S. Senator Perkins and C.M. Wooster at B.B. (Big Basin) Redwood Park; a group of eight individuals standing inside what has been identified as the “Auto Tree” at Big Basin, caption reads “The First Party into the Big Basin to save the Redwoods in May 1900”; photo of Duncan McPherson of the McPherson family; and much more. Other photos include: one large photo, showing clearly the rows of tents in Tent City Santa Cruz; and two (2) of steam boat launches. The photos feature captions identifying the place and/or individuals in the photo as well as the caption “A.P. Hill Photo” written in tiny letters near the right corner of the photos, identifying them as original A.P. Hill photographs. The album is in good-to fair condition; the pieces of wood for the cover are in good condition, though they are beginning to come loose from the binding. The photos inside the album are in good condition.