Guide to the Evergreen Cemetery Collection – Scope and Content Note

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This collection consists of materials related to Evergreen Cemetery in Santa Cruz, CA. It is organized into two parts: a research collection and an archival collection. 

The research collection is organized into three series. Series I: Individual and Family Files consists of information on individuals and families buried at Evergreen Cemetery, including death certificates, photocopies of newspaper clippings and photographs, and individual life stories. Series II: Tour Notes and Information consists of materials related to tours and events held at or about Evergreen Cemetery, including tour notes, posters, and schedules. Series III: Research Materials consists of materials related to the history of Evergreen Cemetery, copies of plot maps and drawings, materials related to the upkeep and preservation of cemeteries and gravestones, and brochures.

The archival collection is organized into twelve series. Series I: Legal consists of cemetery and plot deeds, bylaws, and various documents relating to legal matters such as lawsuits. Series II: Monetary consists of bank documents and statements from 1939 through the 1980s, bonds, receipts, donations, and tax documents, as well as Evergreen Cemetery Association annual reports from 1952-1978. Series III: Minutes consists of minutes from Evergreen Cemetery Association meetings, H.E.L.P. (Help Evergreen Live Permanently) meetings, and Evergreen Committee meetings. Series IV: Projects consists of documents pertaining to Evergreen Cemetery-related projects, such as an application to register Evergreen Cemetery as a point of historical interest, projects related to the restoration of the cemetery after the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, and other preservation efforts. Series V: Correspondence consists of letters, cards, notes, and printed emails related to Evergreen Cemetery. Series VI: Plots consists of a number of binders and journals containing plot maps and drawings, along with notes. Series VII: Burial Lists and Rosters consists of various rosters and lists of those buried at Evergreen Cemetery, spanning from 1891 to the 1980s. Series VIII: Photographs, Slides, and Other Media consists of photographs, negatives, and slides with pictures of Evergreen Cemetery, individuals buried there, events held at the cemetery, and headstones This series also consists of cassette tapes, VHS tapes, and one DVD, containing a tour by former Evergreen docent Renie Leaman. Series IX: Index Cards consists of index cards from the 1920s as well as the 1980s with names of individuals buried at Evergreen Cemetery. Series X: Newspaper Clippings consists of newspaper clippings related to Evergreen Cemetery from the 1880s to the present. Series XI: Oversized Items consists of oversized and bulky items relating to Evergreen Cemetery, such as certificates, grave rubbings, artwork, design templates, and posters. Series XII: Maps consists of maps of Evergreen Cemetery, the Extension, the Old Section, the Chinese burial ground, and the surrounding area.